Designer Series Sign Frames for Crowd Control Posts

Display your messages prominently with our smart and stylish Designer Series Sign Frames. The radius corners provide an attractive look and eliminate the potential of injury from sharp corners near your customers. The "smart" hinged top design allows for easy replacement of signage with no additional tools. The hinged top is affixed to the frame so it can never be lost. The "smart" stud on the post mount option allows you to easily attach the frame to any Retracta-Belt™ or Conventional Post without any additional hardware or tools.


  • Radius corners: prevent potential injury from sharp corners
  • "Smart" hinged top design: allows for easy replacement of signage without any tools
  • "Smart" stud: for easy attachment to any Retracta-Belt or Conventional Post with no additional tools or hardware
  • Durable: heavy gauge aluminum frame with cast zinc corners
  • Mix and match side and corner finishes: for no additional charge
  • NEW FINISH - Polished Brass Aluminum: the look of brass at a fraction of the price
  • Wall mount model: saves floor space and is great for posters and larger media
  • Removable Sign Frame Bracket: strongly recommended when signs need to be changed frequently (i.e. at shared gates in airports.) Removable mount is required on 6' tall posts and 2.5" diameter sign posts.
  • Standard and custom signage inserts available


  • 3/4" wide by 1" deep radius edge frame
  • Accepts 1/4" thick insert material


  • Custom sizes available: quickly and economically
  • Locking hinged top: prevent customers from tampering with signs
  • Non-glare Plexiglas inserts: to protect your signage or use your own paper signs
  • Custom colors available

Designer Series Sign Frames ( Click on a Model Number to Request a Quote )

(W x H)
Standard Post Mount
Model #
Removable Mount
Model #
Wall Mount
Model #
7" x 11" FR711DS FR711DS + SUB-FR-RO FR711WM
11" x 7" FR117DS FR117DS + SUB-FR-RO FR117WM
8.5" x 11" FR811DS FR811DS + SUB-FR-RO FR811WM
11" x 8.5" FR118DS FR118DS + SUB-FR-RO FR118WM
11" x 14" FR1114DS FR1114DS + SUB-FR-RO FR1114WM
14" x 11" FR1411DS FR1411DS + SUB-FR-RO FR1411WM
14" x 22" FR1422DS* FR1422DS + SUB-FR-RO FR1422WM
22" x 14" FR2214DS* FR2214DS + SUB-FR-RO FR2214WM
22" x 28" FR2228DS* FR2228DS + SUB-FR-RO FR2228WM
28" x 22" FR2822DS* FR2822DS + SUB-FR-RO FR2822WM
27" x 40" N/A N/A FR2740WM
* Standard Post Mount Frames 14" x 22" and larger require a metal post cap when mounting to Retracta-Belt posts.