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Visiontron Customer Service FAQs

Here are answers to some common Visiontron Customer Service questions about our products. Call Visiontron Customer Service at 631-582-8600 for more information. For information on ordering and returns, go to our Terms & Conditions.

Visiontron Customer Service Care & Cleaning of Our Products

Visiontron product surfaces are as durable as they are attractive. However, due to their large workload, the extreme conditions they work in can take a toll on their appearance. The different materials we use require different cleaning methods and techniques. These are some basic “do’s and don’t’s” for care and cleaning of the various surfaces and finishes we use:

In General:

  • DON’T use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents, including all solvents.
  • DON’T use steel-wool pads, or any cleaners containing abrasives or pumice.
  • DON’T use any motorized buffing wheels, “Scotchbrite” or scouring pads.
  • DON’T use any sandpaper, no matter how fine.

The following are the official “Do’s” Visiontron recommends:

  • Painted & Powder Coat (Class 1): use warm water and mild soap, applied with a circular motion and sponge. Dry thoroughly with a soft, clean (cotton) wiping cloth.
  • Satin Chrome: to remove fingerprints, embedded grime, and restore the factory luster, use a small amount of everyday WD40 applied to a soft cotton wiping cloth. To remove stains and or light rust spots, rub the spots with a small piece of aluminum foil, dipped in vinegar. To leave a tough protective rust-fighting surface, use a hard wax, such as Turtle-wax.
  • Polished Chrome: in general, dulled polished chrome may be cleaned with general glass cleaners or Windex. Particularly soiled surfaces respond well to Simple Green; Stains and light rust should use the aluminum foil and vinegar process above, followed by a hard, protective wax.
  • Satin & Polished Aluminum (Anodized): only use mild soap and water. Never use “Simple Green” as this is highly corrosive to aluminum. Never use commercial cleaners as these can dull the finish and sometimes cause “de-anodizing” to occur.
  • Satin Stainless Steel: to remove smudges, fingerprints and embedded dirt and stains, use regular white vinegar, applied undiluted in a spray bottle. Dry and buff with a clean, soft wiping cloth. Discolored areas resistant to cleaning, may respond to rubbing with aluminum foil, dipped in vinegar. Refrain from commercial cleaners, as these provide inconsistent results, and can impart a white haze.
  • Polished Brass without Clear Coat (Class 3): Visiontron only recommends soft-cotton wadding, impregnated with a non-abrasive cleaner. In particular, look for the “Nevr-Dull” or “Brasso-Duraglit” brands, sold in small circular tins. These produce strong odors, so use in well-ventilated areas. Many after-market brass cleaners may permanently scratch the surface and should be tested before use.
  • Polished & Satin Brass with Clear Coat (Class 2 & 3): only use mild soap and water, with sponge. Dry thoroughly, with clean, soft wiping cloth.
  • Statuary Bronze: same care/cleaning instructions as above, Polished & Satin Brass with Clear Coat.

Visiontron Customer Service: Classic Ropes Cleaning Instructions


1) Brush the velour lightly to remove any loose dust so it won’t become further embedded. Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, if desired.

2) Fill a bucket with warm water and add a few drops of mild liquid soap such as pure castille soap or unscented dishwashing detergent.

3) Mix the soap and water together, but don’t agitate it and make it foamy.

4) Dip a piece of muslin in the soapy water and gently but firmly wring out the excess water until the muslin is nearly dry.

5) Rub the damp muslin carefully in a back and forth motion over the velour.

6) Continue to dip the muslin in the soapy water, wringing it out until it’s nearly dry each time and rubbing it back and forth until the velour is clean. Change to clean water and fresh soap if the water becomes soiled.

7) Allow the velour to dry naturally, and then brush it gently with a suede brush to restore the nap. Alternatively, after cleaning or upon initial use, additional protection can be obtained by applying Scotchguard.


Use mild soap and water. Wipe dry.

Visiontron Customer Service: Warranties

All Visiontron products carry a manufacturer’s warranty due to defects in materials or workmanship. All products have a one year warranty with the exception of: RETRACTA-BELT® Cone Mounts (2 years), RETRACTA-BELT PRIME (3 years), Value Series RETRACTA-BELT (5 years), and all other RETRACTA-BELT products (10 years).

Visiontron Customer Service: Crowd Control & Queue Systems for Child-Friendly Environments

Tips to keep your smallest guests safe (and crowd control equipment in tact) at amusement parks, zoos, trampoline facilities, children’s museums, aquariums and more.

Effective crowd control is crucial in any busy environment. Using a combination of the right product selection and regular maintenance can help maintain children’s safety, as well as keep your crowd control equipment in top shape.

Product Selection: Select Standard or Value Series RETRACTA-BELT® Posts in place of low cost / economy stanchions.

Visiontron PRIME stanchions and accessories are intended for lighter traffic, low-abuse environments such as bank queue lines. We strongly recommend using standard RETRACTA-BELT series stanchions for child-friendly environments, since they are built to withstand the wear-and-tear in airports and stadiums. Click here to view all our RETRACTA-BELT styles.

For an economically priced stanchion that will hold up in child-friendly areas, the Value Series is the ideal option. These posts are made of the same construction and quality as our standard RETRACTA-BELT series, but package pricing and reduced options keep the price down. Click here for more information on Value Series RETRACTA-BELT stanchions.

Extra-Heavy Baseweights provide more stability, preventing children from pulling posts down.

Nearly all RETRACTA-BELT stanchions are available with an Extra-Heavy 30 lbs. Baseweight for added stability and are much more difficult to pull over. For easy transport with these heavy bases, we also recommend adding wheels to the base. The wheels engage only when the post is titled backwards and pushed, and will not cause the post to move while flat on the ground. Click here to view more information on the Extra-Heavy Baseweight and wheels.

Consider fixed or semi-permanent RETRACTA-BELT stanchions instead of portable bases.

We have four permanent or semi-permanent mounting options for our stanchions. These prevent the posts from being shifted throughout the day from children pushing or leaning on the posts. The MINI-SOCKET® mount is especially useful for child-friendly environments because it is spring-loaded, so posts lean about 10 degrees to absorb impact. Click here to view fixed and semi-permanent mounting options.

Dual-line RETRACTA-BELT stanchions offer additional security in queue lines for small children.

The standard height of a single line RETRACTA-BELT is 40″ and small children can easily walk under the belts while in a queue line. Dual line RETRACTA-BELT stanchions feature a second belt at 20″ above the ground, providing an extra layer of security. Click here to view single and dual line stanchions.

Consider rigid Q-PANEL® barrier systems in place of RETRACTA-BELT queue systems.

Q-PANEL systems eliminate the need for a belt in the post, and instead provide a structural barrier in its place. While children can pull on the belts and cause damage or wear-and-tear, beams are heavy-gauge aluminum and are less tempting to play with. Beams have safe radius edges and seamlessly integrate with RETRACTA-BELT stanchions and receiver posts. Click here for more information on rigid barriers.

Metal Post Caps

Children can play with the plastic post caps and twist them, breaking the connection where the screws connect to the post. This results in the spring case breaking or other damage. Metal post caps prevent this tampering.

Use Sign Stands instead of post-mount signage.

Freestanding Sign Stands are more difficult for children to tamper with than signs and sign frames mounted onto posts. Click here to learn about our Sign Posts and Sign Stands.

Use Removable Designer Series Sign Frames instead of threaded post-mounted signage.

Our Removable Designer Series Sign Frames slide in and out of the sign post top and are less prone to damage than threaded post-mount sign frames if constantly swiveled and played with. Click here to view our Designer Series Sign Frames.


Inspect all products weekly.

The sooner you detect a problem, the better. Sometimes an inexpensive solution or replacement part can significantly increase the life of the post.

Retract the belts into the post when they are not in use.

If the belt is not needed, retract it so it stays inside the post. Children won’t be tempted to play with the belt, and will reduce creasing.

Always utilize the lock on belts and beams.

All belts include a red slide action manual locking belt clip. Beams are available with an optional Locking EZ Off End Blocks. We recommend always locking belts and beams into place to prevent accidental release.

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