Custom [kus-tum]

  1. made or performed according to personal order.
  2. specializing in custom work or operation.

Custom [ kus-tum ]


  1. made or performed according to personal order.
  2. specializing in custom solutions work or operation.

Custom Solutions are at the Core of What We Do

Our expert engineers and best in class manufacturing team are capable of customizing a wide range of crowd control custom solutions for any application you can dream of. Tap into our years of experience making custom solutions for airports, casinos, warehouses, cruise lines, museums, stadiums and more. Click the projects below for more information on some of our custom solutions.


60 years of experience and know-how at your disposal. As a crowd control, queuing, and signage solutions provider we don’t just sell you a product; we take the time to identify your needs and provide the right solution.


Our in-house engineers & designers are ready to create exactly what you need, not just what’s available or sitting on a shelf. Take our skills and experience and make it work for your People Guidance needs.


Our 80,000 sq. ft. fully equipped manufacturing facility is ready to make your vision a reality. Being U.S. based allows us to offer the fastest turnaround. We also offer overseas options for additional savings.


Your people guidance system installed to your exact specifications by our industry trained professionals. We make sure it’s done right. After all a project isn’t complete until the customer is completely satisfied.

Have a custom solutions project in mind?

Call 631-582-8600 today to speak with a People Guidance Pro so we can get started building something new just for you.


Rolling Walls: Mobile Custom Solutions

Customer: Arizona Coyotes

Our custom rolling walls have developed a life of their own. Starting as a one-off custom solutions project for a major airline who needed a quick to set up and put away portable barrier solution. It has grown to be a must have of major sport venues across the country. From MetLife Stadium in NY to The Arizona Coyotes at Mullett Arena in Tempe, AZ.

Each customer had specific needs and customizations, which was no problem for our top-notch team of engineers.


The Coyotes came to us with the need for a barrier system that could be easy put up and moved without hassle or complications. Since these barriers would be separating the visiting team from the fans, they wanted the wall to be extra-sturdy, see-through and tall enough to guarantee nothing gets over that shouldn’t.


The Visiontron Rolling Wall was the hat trick! Our solution was to design and manufacture a rolling wall that was 51½” wide x 92″ tall and built on lockable wheels. Total height with wheels was just shy of 96″. Each panel could be connected to the next or used as a stand-alone section using magnetic mounts. The construction ensured it would not flex as it was moved, allowing multiple panels to be moved at the same time.

Standout Features
Easy deployment
Light-weight, sturdy construction
Extra tall, yet stable footing
Impact-resistant & see-through panels
 Patrick Murphy, Chief of Staff, Hockey & Facility Operations at Arizona
Patrick Murphy, Chief of Staff, Hockey & Facility Operations at Arizona
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"OUTSTANDING!! The visiting team fans are really enjoying seeing their team through the PlexiWall. Thank you."

Each of these solutions can be customized depending on the size and finishes needed. For example, you may require a smaller 6’ wide x 4’ tall Rolling Wall Divider and want it to have branded panel inserts. Having both our design and manufacturing teams in-house make just about any customization possible.


Rolling Walls
Customer: MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium asked us to provide two solutions; one to replace folding partition walls in their service tunnel, and the other to provide semi-permanent portable display wall panels to hide storage areas. The stadium used partition walls to divide the service tunnel in half when the players were leaving or entering the locker room. The space is shared by…

Post & Panel System
Customer: Bank of America

A couple of years back, Bank of America was looking to replace the queue panel system that they used in their branches. Their existing system was wrought with problems; it required too much work to install, they had issues with the bases coming loose and they did not like how literature was installed into the frames. Bank of America reached out to Visiontron…

Magnetic Breakaways
Customer: Hoover Dam

The architect assigned to redesign the Hoover Dam Visitors Center requested a quote for an elegant, sturdy queue solution. We quoted our Premium ADA-compliant Dual Line RETRACTA-BELT® posts with our patented MINI-SOCKET® base mount, which has the smallest possible footprint and looks really sleek. Leave it to Visiontron to come up with the solution…

Post & Panels System
Customer: Delta

Booking a Delta One flight comes with a ton of perks and that’s why the airline required an exclusive check-in experience from day one when unveiling their brand new Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Delta Airlines partnered with Visiontron to create a temporary Delta One Check-in Lounge while the permanent dedicated lounge is underway…


Visiontron makes Custom Products that are the solutions you are looking for.