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Premium Cast Iron Sloped Base

18lb cast iron Sloped Base with EVERstraight® Technology keeps floor stanchions straight. Upgrade to a 30lb Heavy Baseweight, Weather-Protect coating or add our exclusive RETRACTA-WHEEL.

Comes standard with premium features and some pretty sweet upgrade options.

The difference is in the details.

Innovative, self-straightening technology keeps posts upright and prevents leaning.

Seeing is believing!

Watch our rooftop test where we try, but fail to break our premium sloped base stanchion.


Exclusive hidden wheel design is our stanchion's super power.

Stanchion transports easily when RETRACTA-WHEEL is explosed.

Simply tilt the post to flip the wheel under the base.

RETRACTA-WHEEL easily conceals beneath the base when it’s not in use. 

Classic Dome Stanchion Base

Our traditional Dome Base is the standard base style for Classic Posts. Durable tie-rod stanchion base construction ensures that posts remain straight.

Curvy appeal.

Dome bases have a timeless elegance. Hidden underneath a matching metal base cover, the 18lb cast iron base weight keeps Classic Posts in place.

Low-Profile Cast Iron Base

A super low-profile cast iron base with EVERstraight® Technology built-in to keep stanchions straight. Low -profile means a safer travel environment for wheeled devices.

7.5' Value Series RETRACTA-BELT® Stanchion low profile base

It’s all about the base.

With more features than any economy base should have, we’ve made the 7.5′ Value Series RETRACTA-BELT® Stanchion’s base one that can keep things on the straight and narrow.

Low-profile bases are where it's at!

Base. How low can you go?

Our new industry leading low-profile base ensures safe and steady travel for wheelchairs and luggage alike. At only 0.625″ (5/8″) the 7.5′ Value Series RETRACTA-BELT® Stanchion has the lowest profile and most revolutionary stanchion base on the market.

7.5' Value Series RETRACTA-BELT® Stanchion Low-profile means safer travel

PRIME Cement-Filled Sloped Base

A cement-filled base with EVERstraight® PRIME Technology to keep stanchions straight, unlike other low-cost stanchions that lean over time or right out of the box. Pair these stanchion bases with a stainless steel post for a long lasting solution.

The difference is in the details.

Innovative, self-straightening technology keeps posts upright and prevents leaning.


Our utility bases are designed to Stack+Store up to 5 posts and bases in a small 14″ x 14″ footprint. And these require no tools for assembly. Just push the floor stanchion post in and you’re good to go. 

Rubber utility bases made of recycled materials
Rubber utility bases made of recycled materials

Utility Portable Base

Our RECYCLED-RUBBER Utility Base is nearly indestructible, requires no tools for assembly. Just push the post in and you're good to go.

Utility Portable Base

At only 2lbs when empty, our PLASTIC-FILLABLE utility base is saves you money on shipping and is designed to Stack+Store up to 5 posts and bases in a small 14" x 14" footprint.

Nearly indestructible. Environmentally responsible.

Built to withstand the toughest environments, our RECYCLED-RUBBER base is the #1 choice for utility stanchions. And assembly is easy — no tools needed! Simply slide the post securely into the base.

Recycled Rubber Bases for utility and outdoor use, environmentally better

Lightweight and heavyweight champ.

At just 2lbs when empty, our PLASTIC-FILLABLE base saves you money on shipping costs. At 23-30lbs when filled, you can expect maximum stability for your utility posts.

A convenient handle is built into the design. Stack+Store up to 4 posts and 4 bases in a compact 14″ x 14″ footprint.

And with no tools needed for assembly, this base is an ideal option for utility stanchions. Simply slide the post securely into the base.

Just about any 2.5″ dia. post can be converted to a utility stanchion by purchasing a RECYCLED-RUBBER base. No tools are required — simply slide the post into the base.


MAGNETIC Stanchions Base Mount

MAGNETIC stanchions base mounts are the only ones that don’t require drilling into floors. Securely adheres to most surfaces with VHB tape.

Magnetic Bases
Magnetic Bases

Our most attractive base mount.

Easy, non-destructive installation. Simply mounts with VHB tape on smooth, hard surfaces, or with epoxy on rough surfaces to avoid damage from drilling. Can also be permanently installed with screws.

Maximizes queue space. Small base diameter allows for tighter lane widths to get more linear queuing in the same area.

Flexible queue lines. Posts can face any direction after installation so you can align your belts and reconfigure queue lines with minimal effort.

Thoughtfully engineered. Expertly executed.

Exclusive spring-loaded technology absorbs impact, so the posts stay on the floor plates. Three extremely strong neodymium magnets hold posts upright and in a straight line during normal use and low/medium impacts.

Hole in base plate aligns with centering bolt in post to help maintain proper positioning throughout the day. Beveled base plate edges prevent tripping when the posts are removed.
Magnetic Bases


Sturdy posts won’t shift when installed in REMOVABLE base mounts, but easily remove from socket for flexible floor stanchions queues.

Socket power!

Easy floor maintenance. Simply remove lightweight posts, clean the floor and insert the posts back into the sockets.

Flexible queue area. With no heavy bases to store and transport, you can quickly set up additional posts in pre-installed sockets to create a larger queuing area to accommodate high traffic.

Customizable. Offered in our full line of post finishes to match the décor of your facility. Several finishes can be used outdoors with no modification.

Sturdy when in use. Easy to remove when not.

When fewer posts are needed, insert socket caps for a neat appearance and no tripping hazard. With no bases to worry about, more posts can be stored in a smaller footprint.

Lightweight posts can be momentarily lifted from the socket to easily clean floors or removed to make queue areas smaller.


Patented MINI-SOCKET stanchion base mounts have the smallest possible footprint, making posts appear ‘baseless’ and install in 15 min. Different length sockets are available to accommodate all flooring types.

Minimum footprint. Maximum style.

Economical installation. When comparing to other permanent/semi-permanent stanchions, save money on a simple and quick installation, which takes approximately 10 minutes, by greatly reducing labor costs.

Perfect for thinner flooring. Because the drilled hole is so small, mini sockets perfectly accommodate thinner floors, making them an ideal base mount for cement, terrazzo, tile and granite.

Handy, lightweight posts. Since posts have a tiny but mighty bolt attached to the bottom, there are no heavy bases to transport and store. When more queue lines are needed to accommodate high traffic, simply screw the post into the socket and rotate it within 350 degrees to align belts.

Being mini has mighty advantages.

The mini socket only requires a 15/16” x 2” deep hole drilled into the flooring, so the entire stanchion only takes up 2.5” (the width of the post) of floor space.

Internal spring-loaded assembly allows the post to lean about 10 degrees in any direction absorbing impact from accidental abuse, such as carts or unruly children.

When post is removed, socket and screw cap are roughly the size of a quarter. Nylon disc protects the end of the post and floor surface from getting damaged due to post movement.

FIXED Base Mount

FIXED base mounts are the ideal solution when setting up permanently established floor stanchion queues.

In it for the long haul.

Economical. The permanent fixed base mount is the most economical option in our product line.

Easy to install. Simply requires three screws to be drilled into the ground. (Screws not included.)

Built tough. The steel post, welded to the 5” diameter steel base, ensures a strong permanently secured attachment to the ground.


Model Number
Part Name
4.25″ deep Satin Chrome (over Brass) Floor Socket and Cap for use with REMOVABLE posts
4.25″ deep Satin Brass Floor Socket and Cap for use with REMOVABLE posts
2″ deep Stainless Steel MINI-SOCKET
4″ deep Stainless Steel MINI-SOCKET
2″ deep Stainless Steel MINI-SOCKET & Flange
4″ deep Stainless Steel MINI-SOCKET & Flange
4.25″ deep SLIM, No-Flange Socket & Cap for Loop Posts
Other SLIM and MINI-SOCKET lengths are available to suit various floor constructions, including wood floors. Call for details.
MAGNETIC Floor Plate
VHB Tape for MAGNETIC Floor Plate

Standard Floor Socket for REMOVABLE posts (Model 421SC)

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