Panels & Barricades

When it comes to creating a larger and more substantial queuing system, our panels and barricades excel beyond belts or ropes. These crowd control dividers provide enhanced functionality and architectural structure to open spaces.

Our Q-PANEL® Post and Panel barriers not only establish privacy areas but also add a touch of elegance to any environment. These structurally rigid crowd control barriers seamlessly integrate with our retractable belt stanchions, offering a versatile and adaptable queue layout. Each Q-PANEL model is thoughtfully designed with unique features to cater to various crowd control applications.

For on-demand crowd control needs, our revolutionary RETRACTA-CADE® comes to the rescue. This quick deployment barricade is the first of its kind, capable of being set up by a single person in under 30 seconds. Its compact design even allows it to fit in the back of a patrol car, ensuring easy transportation.

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