Born in the U.S.A.

We confess, we’re control freaks.

Even in this day and age of corporations with divisions all over the globe, there’s something to be said for doing it all under a single roof. This has been our on-going principle since day one, affording us the opportunity to design, manufacture, assemble and inventory our work in the same facility right here in the U.S. Fast production and quick delivery, including 24-hour turnaround for many of our made-to-order products, has become the industry standard. It also gives us the ability to offer the higher level of customization many of our customers demand.

When someone in the front office can get off the phone with a customer and take a short walk to the shop or production floor to talk to an engineer or one of our many craftsmen…you’re going to have more control of the product. You can execute exactly to the customer’s specifications without things falling through the cracks. This greater control translates to higher quality. As we modify products to improve performance, we ensure that new parts will work with older designs, so you’ll see a lot of our products in full use long after their 10 year warranties have run out.

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