Optional Upgrades to your Retracta-Belt Stanchions


Outdoor Rated Stanchions & Weather-Proofed Baseweight:

We want you to be completely satisfied with our products. If you plan to use our Retracta-Beltâ„¢ stanchions outdoors, please let us know so we can take necessary precautions.

  • You must choose an outdoor-rated finish (aluminum and Satin Stainless Steel in general, our Price List and RFQ pages list specifics for each model).

  • Either specify that it will be used outdoors or add Model # SUB-WPBW as the next line on the order. We apply a special sealant/protective coating to the baseweight. If this is not done, you risk staining your floors with possible rust rings.

  • Our 15' Retracta-Belts have a steel head (Model # 320/321 and 320DP/321DP). When you specify for outdoor use or add Model # SUB-WPBW, we add the protective coating to the baseweight and automatically use a Smooth Black head. The Smooth Black head has a protective zinc phosphate coating that seals and protects steel to make it suitable for outdoor use.

  • With 15' Mini Socket, Magnetic, Fixed, or Removable stanchions (Model # 320MS/320MG/320F/320R) specify that it will be used outdoors. This lets us know to substitute a Smooth Black head for a Chrome head when applicable.

Heavy Baseweight (30 lbs.) for Retracta-Belt Stanchions

You now have the option to substitute the 30 lbs. heavy baseweight on any Retracta-Beltâ„¢ post by adding Model # SUB-HBW.

  • The heavy baseweight has the same 14" footprint and includes rubber floor protectors.

  • The extra weight makes the post even more stable - ideal for displaying large signage outdoors in windy situations.

  • Please Note: This base comes standard on all 6' Tall Sign Posts (Model # 360/361 and SP600S-6/SP601S-6). To be used outdoors, you must weatherproof it (Model # SUB-WPBW). A weather-proofed base comes standard with the 30' Retracta-Belt Post (Model # PM412-30).

Outdoor-Rated Wheels on Retracta-Belt Stanchions for Easy Transport

To make transporting the post easier, add wheels with Model # SUB-WH or SUB-RWH; especially useful with the 30 lbs. baseweight (SUB-HBW).

  • Two options: we attach 2-1/2" diameter heavy duty rubber wheels to an aluminum bar with stainless steel hardware so it can be used outdoors, or add the Retracta-Wheel base with flip and tuck wheels

  • For the 2-1/2" diameter heavy duty rubber wheels: the mounting bar is powder coated Smooth Black when used with black ABS scuff proof base covers, and the bar is Satin Aluminum with all other metal covers (Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome and Satin Stainless Steel).

Suction Cup Baseweight for Retracta-Belt Stanchions

Add Suction Cups to a base to prevent the post from moving throughout the day.

  • Four suction cups affix to the bottom of the base.

  • Can be used with an 18 lbs. or 30 lbs. base.

  • Ideal for Post-N-Panel systems.

  • Contact us about retrofit kits.