Retractable Belt Cone Topper

Model shown left to right:
15′ Fluorescent Orange with Black / Yellow Diagonal Belt – Model #RC15-FO-BYD
10′ Fluorescent Orange with Black / Yellow Diagonal Belt – Model #RC10-FO-BYD

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10' or 15' Belt Retractable Safety Barrier Cone Mounts.

Combine the visibility of a traffic cone with the added security of a retractable safety barrier and create a safer environment for workers and pedestrians with the RETRACTA-BELT Cone Mount.

While cones are commonly used to warn pedestrians of a work zone, the addition of a retractable belt cone mount guides walkways and restricts access. These 10’ or 15’ belt barriers are a reusable, more visible and durable alternative to caution tape. Simply mount onto stacked or weighted traffic cones for a highly visible warning against hazardous areas.

Fits securely onto stacked or weighted traffic cones (not included).

Customizable belt options –  choose from solid colors, prints or messages.

Economical and can be re-used as often as necessary (unlike throw-away tape).

Permanent or removable. Easily removable, but also features bottom screw holes for a permanent connection.

Two Year Warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

The 10′ RETRACTA-BELT Cone Topper comes standard with a Black/Yellow Diagonal belt. 

For the 15′ Cone Topper, choose any belt color from our 25 options in stock, or add your own branding or message with dye sub or silk screen printing.

Both units come in a bright Fluorescent Orange finish.

Universal Belt End comes standard, or choose between two alternative options; S-Hook or Magnetic Belt End (see details below).

Universal Belt End (standard) is made from durable polycarbonate material and locks prevents accidental belt release. 

Optional S-Hook Belt End works without a receiving end. Attach to warehouse shelving or wrap the belt around poles and connect to itself.

Optional Magnetic Belt End attaches to magnetic surfaces without a receiving end.

– Cordon off open manhole covers
– Closing parking lots
– Designating warehouse forklift lanes
– Creating a hazard warning in construction zones
– Stop pedestrians from walking in between traffic cones on work sites

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For help selecting the best products for your location, call your People Guidance Pro today at: 



Belt end options for any application.

Universal Belt End

S-Hook Belt End

Magnetic Belt End

Our Universal Belt End comes standard on most models unless indicated otherwise. Sturdy polycarbonate with a lock to prevent accidental belt release.

S-Hook attaches to warehouse shelving or wraps around poles and connects to itself. 

Attaches to magnetic surfaces without the need for a receiving end. 

Choose any standard or specialty belt in stock, or make it yours with custom printing.

Due to screen variations, colors shown may not represent the actual product. Please call if samples are required.

Fluorescent Orange & Fluorescent Yellow cannot have double-sided silk screen printing due to bleed through.

Specialty Belts are double-sided.

Custom printed belts are approximately 1′ less than described belt length.




10′ and 15′ Cone Mount Safety Barriers Retractable General Specifications:

10′ MODEL #RC10

15′ MODEL #RC15

Model Number
10′ Belt – RC10
15′ Belt – RC15
Belt Length
10′ or 15′ long
Unit Material
RC10: Plastic
RC15: Steel
Unit Size
RC10: 3″ wide X 9.15″ high (cone hole opening: 3.25″)
RC15: 3.75″ wide X 8.5″ high (cone hole opening: 3.5″)
Overall Weight
RC10: 2 lbs
RC15: 2 lbs
Belt End Styles
Universal Polycarbonate Belt End-standard
Magnetic Belt End
S-Hook Belt End
Belt Colors
RC10: Black/Yellow Diagonal Belt
RC15: Choose from 25 stock belts or customize with your message/branding with 1-color Silk Screen or full color Dye-Sub belt printing.
Fluorescent Orange
Add-ons and Upgrades
• Universal Belt End attaches to other RETRACTA-BELT Cone Mounts, Receiving Ends, Magnetic Receiving Ends and Cone Mount Receiving Ends (all sold separately).
• Choose alternative S-Hook or Magnetic Belt Ends.
• Individual replacement parts available.



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