Enclosed Indoor or Outdoor Bulletin Boards with Recessed Glass Doors


Board Style Options

  • Black Felt Covered Cork

  • Cork

Our enclosed bulletin/directory boards are provided to keep your messages and bulletins secure. They can be found indoors in lobbies, office buildings, schools, theaters, manufacturing plants, etc. or outdoors at home associations, churches, schools, etc.

Like all Visiontron Bulletin Boards, these units are not mass produced overseas. These boards are manufactured individually to your order with excellent craftsmanship in our factory. We can accommodate practically any custom request.

Bulletin Board Features

  • Heavy gauge 2" deep extruded aluminum frame with a clear anodized finish
  • 1/4" plexiglas doors
  • Cylinder lock with 2 keys
  • Inside panel is constructed of 1/2" cork

Bulletin Board Options

  • Custom Header: 6" white acrylic header to clearly identify your logo or message. Custom message (copy or logo) is additional; artwork proofs to be provided prior to printing. 6" header holds 1 large row of text or 2 smaller rows. Header can be as little as 3". Other header colors are available.
  • Outdoor use: comes with 2" rain guard and is weather-proofed when specified.
  • Upgraded doors: shatter-resistant lexan and tempered glass doors available.
  • LED Lighting

Enclosed Bulletin Boards ( Click on a Model Number to Request a Quote )

Size Without Header With Header
(W x H) 1 Door 2 Doors 3 Doors 1 Door 2 Doors 3 Doors
18" x 24" RGD-1824 N/A N/A RGDH-1824 N/A N/A
22" x 28" RGD-2228 N/A N/A RGDH-2228 N/A N/A
24" x 36" RGD-2436 N/A N/A RGDH-2436 N/A N/A
28" x 40" RGD-2840 N/A N/A RGDH-2840 N/A N/A
36" x 36" RGD-3636 N/A N/A RGDH-3636 N/A N/A
36" x 48" RGD-3648 N/A N/A RGDH-3648 N/A N/A
40" x 28" RGD-4028 RGD2-4028 N/A RGDH-4028 RGDH2-4028 N/A
48" x 36" RGD-4836 RGD2-4836 N/A RGDH-4836 RGDH2-4836 N/A
48" x 48" RGD-4848 RGD2-4848 N/A RGDH-4848 RGDH2-4848 N/A
60" x 36" RGD-6036 RGD2-6036 N/A RGDH-6036 RGDH2-6036 N/A
60" x 48" RGD-6048 RGD2-6048 N/A RGDH-6048 RGDH2-6048 N/A
72" x 36" N/A RGD2-7236 RGD3-7236 N/A RGDH2-7236 RGDH3-7236
72" x 48" N/A RGD2-7248 RGD3-7248 N/A RGDH2-7248 RGDH3-7248
96" x 48" N/A RGD2-9648 RGD3-9648 N/A RGDH2-9648 RGDH3-9648