Visiontron Responds to Swine Flu Outbreak

Due to the recent swine flu outbreak (H1N1 Virus), public facilities have an increased focus on preventing the virus from spreading further. Visiontron Corp. responds immediately by integrating instant hand sanitizers into queuing lines.

Due to the increasing cases of Swine Flu across the country, the World Heath Organization (WHO) recently updated the pandemic alert phase to “Phase 5.” Covering your cough and washing your hands frequently helps prevent the spread of the flu. As a precaution, organizations are implementing instant hand sanitizers anywhere customers gather. In response, Visiontron Corp. has integrated the popular touch free Purell® brand instant hand sanitizers with RETRACTA-BELT® crowd control posts.

Sanitizer Sanitation Station

Visiontron has several offerings to satisfy the various needs of the public. Visiontron offers a simple hand sanitizer add-on that works with all existing 40″ tall RETRACTA-BELT queuing stanchions. There is a package that includes a 50″ tall post with a Purell® instant hand sanitizer which puts the unit at a more ergonomic height. To increase functionality, Visiontron offers a 50″ tall post with a RETRACTA-BELT mechanism to integrate the unit into the start of queuing lines. Signage can be added to any post easily.

Visiontron Corp. is a green manufacturer of crowd control products for over 40 years. Their products include RETRACTA-BELT crowd control stanchions, traditional Q-PANEL® queuing systems and related signage and accessories for public guidance. Visiontron has built its reputation on two important factors: quality and customer service. They listen to their customers’ wants and needs and act upon them. Visiontron’s complete manufacturing facility and decades of experience within the airline industry allow them to value-engineer and offer complete solutions to any issue that may arise.

For more information on Visiontron crowd control products contact, Visiontron 631-582-8600.

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