The Difference Between Magnetic Base Stanchions: Visiontron vs. the Rest

The Difference Between Magnetic Base Stanchions: Visiontron vs. the Rest

When it comes to crowd control and line management, magnetic base stanchions have become increasingly popular for their ease of use and versatility. But not all magnetic bases are created equal. Let’s explore the differences between Visiontron’s magnetic base stanchions and others on the market, and why choosing Visiontron will make a significant difference in your crowd control efforts.

Understanding the Basics of Magnetic Base Stanchions

Magnetic base stanchions are a versatile tool for crowd control. They are designed with a magnetic base at the bottom, allowing for easy installation without the need for drilling or permanent fixtures. The main components of a magnetic base stanchion include the magnetic floor plate and the magnetic base retractable belt stanchion. The magnetic floor plate can be optionally mounted with strong VHV tape, epoxy, or screws. The retractable belt or rope is attached to the top of the post and can extend to create barriers and guide customers.

These stanchions are ideal for crowd control in busy areas such as airports, museums, concert venues, and retail stores. They create a visible barrier, help maintain order and direct foot traffic efficiently.

Those are the basics of magnetic base stanchions, now let’s look at the unique features that set Visiontron’s magnetic bases apart from the rest.

The Unique Features of Visiontron Magnetic Base Stanchions

Visiontron sets itself apart from the competition with its unique features.

First, Visiontron utilizes exclusive spring-loaded technology that absorbs impact. The two main functions of the spring loaded base is to

1. Absorb impact from people, bags, and carts.

2. Prevent people from leaning on them (the flex of the stanchion is a deterrent from visitors thinking it is a stable post to lean on)

The benefits of these features are that the posts remain in place better than others. And they can be joined with the centering hole and alignment pin which is a different feature with the same benefit.

Another standout feature of these Visiontron stanchions is their use of three extremely strong neodymium magnets, the strongest type of magnet available commercially. These magnets are crucial in keeping the posts upright and secure. With their unmatched strength, the magnets ensure that the stanchions stay in place even when they are bumped, kicked, or absorb other impacts of line activity.

Additionally, Visiontron’s model incorporates a hole in the base plate that aligns with a centering bolt in the post. This helps maintain proper positioning throughout the day, ensuring that your crowd control setup remains consistent, neat and effective.

Visiontron’s metal base plate is thicker and has a bevel. (Thinner plates of competitors are less durable.) Also, the thicker plate gives you the flexibility to mount with screws if necessary for surfaces that are not ideal for tape (like indoor carpets or outdoor pavement and sidewalks). The beveled base plate edges prevent tripping when the posts are removed. And the smaller base diameter allows for tighter lane widths to get more linear queuing in the same area.

Visiontron stanchions offer a unique rotation feature. Unlike most posts that require alignment with the belt, Visiontron stanchions can spin or rotate. This allows for easier setup and adjustment, making your crowd control efforts even more efficient and hassle-free.

With these unique features, Visiontron magnetic base stanchions demonstrate their commitment to providing a superior crowd control product. From their impact absorption technology to their strong magnets and convenient rotation feature, Visiontron stanchions are in a league of their own.

Comparing Visiontron to Other Brands on the Market

In addition to the unique features (that other products on the market do not have), Visiontron stanchions are known for their superior durability. Unlike some other brands that use flimsy plastic, Visiontron magnetic base stanchions are constructed with high-quality materials, like steel and stainless steel magnetic casing, covers and hardware, that are built to withstand the daily wear and tear of busy environments.

In addition, Visiontron offers decorative covers for their stanchions that will make your queue more aesthetically pleasing. Other products don’t have the option to match the base with the stanchion. Visiontron does, and they offer custom solutions for any crowd control challenge.

Visiontron also offers a wide range of belt length options. Whether you need a short barrier for a small queue or a long barrier to control a large crowd, Visiontron has the versatility to meet the specific size and spacing needs of your location.

When comparing Visiontron to other brands on the market, Visiontron excels in terms of durability, reliability, and versatility. Choosing Visiontron for your crowd control needs ensures a superior experience for both you and your patrons.

The Verdict: Why Visiontron Tops the Chart

Visiontron magnetic base stanchions stay in place throughout the day and hold up to tough crowds. Their unique features are unmatched by any other product on the market. They demonstrate our commitment to providing a superior crowd control product. From their impact absorption technology to their strong magnets and convenient rotation feature, Visiontron stanchions are in a league of their own.

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