Whether retail, restaurant or warehouse, every bit of floor space count$.

You’re open for business but under strict guidelines to maintain six feet of social distancing for customers and employees. The queues and barriers you may already have in place might need to be extended to accommodate for keeping people spaced out enough, but that, along with compliance signage, could take away valuable floor space.

With our deep roots stemming from working with the world’s busiest airports, we understand the need to organize and move people in a safe and orderly fashion. Our expert engineers have designed flexible queuing and wayfinding solutions that can handle high traffic and abuse. Many retailers, including Bloomingdale’s, Verizon, Walmart, Best Buy, Michael Kors, Five Guys, Nike, BJ’s and Costco (among others), are our valuable customers, allowing us to protect theirs. Here are some tips that might apply to your business.

For front of the house queues, let’s start with the base-ics.

We understand that every inch of floor space is valuable. Our engineers have designed a variety of queue stanchion bases that go from permanently fixed to removable posts with minimal footprints ranging from 2.5”– 6” dia. Compared to a traditional 14” dia. sloped base, that adds up to a lot of extra floor space. And, the removable options allow for flexibility to add posts during high traffic times in the future, such as Back to School or Black Friday, or remove and store posts during low traffic periods. See how footprints compare:


Add signage to stanchions, the floor and even belts!

Compliance signage is another necessity these days. We manufacture post-mountable sign frames that allow you to easily change the sign inserts so you can use them for safe shopping messages now (mask wearing and sanitation reminders) and sale announcements later. We have adapters to fit nearly any type of stanchion on the market.

Direction Dots® and Distance Clips are also a helpful reminder to encourage safe social distancing without taking up floor space. Customize these products with your brand colors and fonts for aesthetically pleasing yet informative compliance signage.

Don’t let your guard down!

If you have a security guard or employee assigned to the entrance of your location, keep them protected with a free-standing ‘germ guard.’ Our Sign Posts with 22”w x 28”h Sign Frames and acrylic inserts can be used to protect your staff now and for signage later.

Zero footprint barriers.

Wall-mounted retractable belt barriers are another way to block off corridors or use permanent fixtures such as columns or counters when establishing queues. With several mounting options available, RETRACTA-BELT® Wall Mounts are widely used for blocking off warehouse aisles, restroom and elevator maintenance and cashier lanes.

Long belts for big spaces.

Warehouse retailers with a lot of activity such as our customer Amazon require people guidance solutions that give them the best value and best protection. Post- or wall-mounted retractable belt units are available with long span 30’ belts. Posts have a heavy 30lb. sloped base for added stability and a RETRACTA-WHEEL for easy transport, and wall mounts magnetically mount onto warehouse racks.


Space-saving and germ-blocking accessories.

Take a ‘queue’ from our customer Verizon Xfinity. They ordered custom branded belts with their logo and ‘Sanitation Station’ posts to use with their hand sanitizer dispensers. Other popular accessories are Portable Employee Guards to keep your employees safe, and Post Storage Carts are really handy for those high traffic extra posts. Q-PANEL® rigid queue systems are being used for advertising, branding and keeping people separated.

Creating safe social distancing and sanitation protocols is just something you need to do these days if you want to stay in business. We provide flexible queuing and wayfinding solutions that will provide people guidance for years to come. Our vast product line ranging from economy to premium stanchions with unlimited options can make it perfect for your application. Choose from a variety of post finishes, belt colors, belt customizations, in-ground, wall-mounted or portable barriers, signage options and custom products and keep your patrons and staff safe.

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