Visiontron’s Custom Q-Panel System Serves Delta One’s Elite LAX Clientele

Booking a Delta One flight comes with a ton of perks and that’s why the airline required an exclusive check-in experience from day one when unveiling their brand new Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Delta Airlines partnered with Visiontron to create a temporary Delta One Check-in Lounge while the permanent dedicated lounge is underway. The exclusive Delta One clientele, many of whom are celebrities, can now enjoy a private and exclusive check-in experience worthy of the Delta One name. 

Q-PANEL® System creates a private lounge for Delta at their LAX Terminal

Visiontron’s Customizable Q-Panel System offered a few key advantages:

  • Custom height and width selections allowed them to accommodate a very specific layout
  • Printed inserts allowed Delta’s branding to carry throughout
  • Magnetic bases installed to the floor with VHB tape meant no drilling or invasive construction

Another huge plus? The system is easy to install and can be removed later when the full lounge is ready – absolutely no demolition clean up required! Makes sense for a temporary solution – right?

As a result, Delta is able uphold Delta One’s unparalleled experience with a temporary lounge that offers the privacy and exclusivity this clientele has come to expect.

Inside the Delta Lounge experience at Terminal 3 made of Visiontron’s Q-PANEL system

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Visiontron Crowd Control Stanchions at Delta's LAX Terminal
Crowd Control created by Visiontron’s RETRACTA-BELT® stanchions at LAX for Delta
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