Visiontron Solves TSA Boarding Concerns

Recent nationwide tests by TSA agents uncovered a new security issue at boarding gates doorways. Excessive space around ticketing agents potentially allows unauthorized passengers to board airplanes. Visiontron Corp. responds immediately with a quick ship post and panel system which closes the gap and satisfies TSA’s concerns.

TSA authorities have recently been warning airlines about excessive space around their boarding gate doorways. TSA states that the extra space leaves room for unauthorized individuals to sneak behind agents and board a plane. Several airlines have been forced to find a solution to satisfy TSA concerns. Visiontron has responded with a quick and easy solution utilizing their Designer Series Q-PANEL® system. The rigid post and panels seal off the space and reduce the chance of unauthorized boarding.

This issue has been raised in several New York airports, including locations that have been operating as is for years. It is expected that TSA will continue to test and warn airports throughout the country about this issue. Joe Torsiello, CEO/President of Visiontron, said, “We are happy to address any issues regarding national security and are prepared to make it our top priority if any other airline finds themselves at risk.”

Visiontron offers “quick ship” post and panel packages in standard sizes and finishes. Custom sized boards in unlimited finishes/materials for site specific installations (including post-less desk-to-wall installs) are available. Panels are semi-permanent and allow for complete breakdown when needed for activities such as cleaning.

A Look At The Problem

EXCESSIVE SPACE between the agent check desks and the boarding gate doorway allow potential intruders to sneak on a plane during boarding.

A Look At The Solution

RIGID POST AND PANELS SEAL OFF THE SPACE and reduce the chance of unauthorized boarding. The panels are semi-permanent and allow for complete breakdown when needed for activities such as cleaning.

Visiontron Corp. is a green manufacturer of crowd control products for over 40 years. Their products include RETRACTA-BELT crowd control stanchions, traditional Q-PANEL queuing systems and related signage and accessories for public guidance. Visiontron has built its reputation on two important factors: quality and customer service. They listen to their customers’ wants and needs and act upon them. Visiontron’s complete manufacturing facility and decades of experience within the airline industry allow them to value-engineer and offer complete solutions to any issue that may arise.

For more information on Visiontron crowd control products contact, Visiontron Corp. at 631-582-8600.

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