Visiontron Corp. Selected to Control Crowds for Verizon iPhone Launch

Learning from past iPhone launches, Verizon Wireless is not taking any chances controlling the crowds. The retailer selected Visiontron’s RETRACTA-BELT® to outfit the majority of its retail establishments with crowd control stanchions for the release of the Verizon iPhone. With no preparation, Visiontron delivered over 5,000 crowd control posts taking up 8 full trailers in less than a week from the date of the order.

300 Series Retracta-Belt 10' Retractable Belt Crowd Control Stanchion

Visiontron’s domestic manufacturing capabilities allowed for such a quick turnaround. The recent shop renovation enabled Visiontron to handle the additional volume by opening several extra assembly lines. Lisa Torsiello – (former) President of Visiontron commends the Manufacturing and Supply Chain departments. “It’s always a balancing act, but I’m pleased that we maintain a large enough inventory on key items. It allows us to handle these large jobs and deliver on such short notice without affecting the normal daily orders.”

Verizon closed its online pre-order site in less than a day due to the high volume of orders it received. The RETRACTA-BELT crowd control stanchions and signage play a key role to keep the retail locations orderly with such large crowds. The signs are used to direct the customers to the correct area and the posts will queue customers in an organized fashion.

Visiontron Corp. is a green manufacturer of crowd control products for over 40 years. Their products include RETRACTA-BELT crowd control stanchions, traditional Q-PANEL® queuing systems and related signage and accessories for public guidance. Visiontron has built its reputation on two important factors: quality and customer service. They listen to their customers’ wants and needs and act upon them. Visiontron’s complete manufacturing facility and decades of experience within the airline industry allow them to value-engineer and offer complete solutions to any issue that may arise.

For more information on Visiontron crowd control products contact, Visiontron Corp at 631-582-8600.

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