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Guide customers to distance responsibly around your facility.

Adding 6ft social distancing reminder signage is important to keep patrons safe. Here are a few ideas of simple and affordable products that can quickly be added to existing queues.

Direction Dots floor decals work on their own, or you can set them between RETRACTA-BELT® or Classic Post+Rope stanchions to really keep people in line and safe. If you don’t want to stick decals on your floor, Distance Clips are a great alternative — simply snap them onto any retractable belt that is up to 2″ wide.

Already have a retractable belt stanchion queue in place? You can get a handy Sign Post Frame Kit that holds the Direction Dots or Distance Clips Sign on top of a stanchion with a Universal Post Adapter.

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For help selecting the best products for your location, call your People Guidance Pro today at: 



Safe distancing is just a measure-peel-stick away.

Direction Dots provide targets to stand on while waiting in line 6ft apart. They can stick to virtually any indoor or outdoor surface such as tile, concrete, or even carpet.

Standard kits come with five 5in or 10in round floor decals (three “Wait Here” dots and two “6ft” dots) and a 6ft measurement string to help position properly. Choose between indoor decals or exterior-use decals (including concrete). Each have an anti-skid texture.

Heavy duty lamination for high traffic areas, custom messages, and/or colors are available.

Direction Dots Social Distance Floor Decal 5 Pack

Or, you can simply measure-clip-repeat!

Distance Clips are an easy and affordable solution to add social distancing reminders to your existing retractable belt queues. The clips have teeth to grip the belt to prevent it from accidentally sliding out of place. Clips lock into position and can be disengaged by firmly pressing down the back lip by hand or with a flat head screw driver.

Pack includes 10 Distance Clips and a 6ft measuring string for quick and easy installation.

It's a sign!

Just in case your patrons need a little extra direction, place a Direction Dots or Distance Clips sign at the start of your queue as a reminder on how to distance responsibly. Durable card stock signs are 8.5″ x 11″ and can fit in a standard acrylic sign holder or sign post frame (see below for details).

Custom messages, colors and sign insert sizes are also available.

Direction Dots Floor Sign Insert



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