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Entranceway and Signage in one with Walk Under Signs.

Directing your visitors to a specific queue or area can be a challenge in large venues, stadiums, or outside events. Walk Under Signs stand above the crowd to give clear guidance on where to go. This system is easy to set up and easy to move for multiple use applications. This wayfinding solution can be your port in a storm for visitors making their way through a sea of people. Entranceway and Signage in one with Walk Under Signs.

  • Single or double-sided changeable inserts: get the most out of your information or branding.
  • Weather resistant frame & inserts.
  • Stable base with minimal trip hazard due to low-profile design.
  • Easy setup and breakdown: perfect for seasonal or temporary use.
  • Knocked down assembly for lower shipping cost and easier storage.
  • Choose from 2 finishes: Black or Matte Aluminum
  • Permanent mounted base also available.
  • Outdoor Events
  • Concerts
  • Stadium Signage
  • Branding

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For help selecting the best products for your location, call your People Guidance Pro today at:


Walk Under Signs FEATURES

High Visibility. High Quality.

Walk Under Signs stand a full 9’ tall with vibrant, easy to see, full color signage. Tall enough to see from a distance while still maintaining the ability to move and modify signage on the fly. It also features more than enough clearance for your guests/ patrons to walk under as an entryway to the event.

Walk Under Signs are fully customizable and can be modified to your exact specifications.

Walk Under Signs: Tech Specs Height Comparison

The signs all point to Responsibility.

Walk Under Signs are the sustainable answer to wayfinding. Here’s why:

  • Aluminum frame – Sturdy enough to hold up to day to day use.
  • A life full of recycling – Born of semi-recycled materials and ending with a 100% recyclable frame.
  • Domestically extruded – Reducing the usage of shipping and transportation resources.
Walk Under Signs Environmental Benefits

Awareness by deSIGN.

Walk Under Signs are a great way to draw attention and advertise, as well as create a clear point of entry.

Case Study
Phase 1:
“Company A” uses Walk Under Signs at an outdoor concert to direct prepaid, special ticket holders to its early access area. These customers already knew about this special option and took advantage. Very smart.

Walk Under Signs performed its primary functions and directed visitors to and provided them with an appropriate entry point.

Phase 2:
Other attendees watch as the exclusive ticket holders get early access, circumventing long lines. This causes understandable envy and a desire to learn how they bypassed the line.

Walk Under Signs performed their secondary function, marketing. The sign tells the story. Brand recognition at work.


  • Using highly visible signage, directed existing prepaid customers to their correct entry point.
  • Signage performed double duty as an entranceway for paying customers.
  • Provided a marketing opportunity to increase awareness and increase future revenue.

This is marketing by experience at its best.

Walk Under Signs Jealousy Opt3

Walk Under Signs OPTIONS

This model is offered in two of our most popular finishes.

Stock finishes are generally available for immediate shipping. Due to screen variations, colors shown may not represent the actual product colors. Please call for samples if required. 

Walk Under Signs Portable or Mounted

Door #1 or Door #2

Need more than one point of entry? Walk Under Signs can be combined to make a unified, multi-entrance structure that can allow your employees to stay in one place while serving different purposes. This can alleviate undo stress for them and your guests.

Walkundersigns Duo


Walk Under Signs General Specifications:

Entranceway and Signage in one with Walk Under Signs
Frame Material
Base Material
Powder Coated Steel
Sign Material
Clear Acrylic
Frame Finishes
Black or Matte Silver Aluminum
Overall Height
Overall Width
6′ 4″
43″ W x 16″ H
Sign Frame
45″ W x 18″ H
15.5″ W x 31.5″ L x 0.1875″ H
99 lbs.
Add-ons and Upgrades
• Custom sizes are available.



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