We’ve been guiding people safely and securely since 1964.

By serving airports all over the world for nearly 60 years, we’ve been able to innovate and improve crowd control solutions that withstand the use and abuse of millions of travelers and their bulky luggage. The longevity of our products reliably keep people informed, in line and protected. Below are just some examples of how Visiontron has helped guide passengers and protect employees. Call 631-582-8600 or use the form to contact a People Guidance Pro for assistance finding the right solution for your application.
Help Passengers Comply with Baggage Restrictions
Protect Airport Security with Covid Barriers
Design Flexible Queue Solutions Around Existing Architecture
Maximize Queue Space with MINI-SOCKET® Base Stanchions
Direct Passengers with Highly Visible Signage
Set Rigid Boundaries with Q-PANEL® Barriers

Guide people with these tried and true crowd control solutions.

COVID BARRIERS: Protection for the people who protect the people.

Over 14,000 products delivered to 175 airports across the nation in 5 months = thousands of agents and travelers protected from germs. This past year has been difficult, to say the least. It certainly changed the way everyone behaves in public. The term ‘new normal’ has been thrown around ad nauseam with a degree of fear and anxiety, but there is something to be said for ‘new normal’ behaviors that just might be here to stay.

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