Security Swing Gate for Line Posts

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Control Traffic Flow with Swing Gates.

Security Swing Gates are a lightweight yet durable panel that permanently mounts to any standard RETRACTA-BELT® receiver post. It blocks off an opening to restrict access, while a digitally printed panel displays messages or branding to customers standing in line. Self-centering double action hinges allow the gate to swing in both directions. Swing Gates are available in black or white Durabond, and custom printing is available.

Includes Heavy Baseweight on accompanying posts (sold separately). Swing Barrier Gates create a strong rotational force when activated which will cause attached posts with standard baseweights to shift. Heavy Baseweights keep the posts stable and prevent shifting.

Strong, ¼” thick Durabond material.

30”w x 12”h panel dimensions.

Self-centering, double action hinges allow gates to swing in both directions.

Custom printed gates allow for branding, custom messages, full color logos, etc.; includes printing and lamination on both sides.

Accompanying posts (sold separately) include heavy baseweights to help keep posts stable and prevent shifting.

Gate replacements are available for existing Swing Gate Systems.

Gates swing in both directions. To ensure accurate printing, please be sure to order the proper swing orientation for your application.

  • Airport Check-Ins & Luggage Claims
  • Arena Entrances & Ticketing
  • Building Entrance Security
  • Theme Park Rides & Retail
  • Museum Exhibits

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For help selecting the best products for your location, call your People Guidance Pro today at:




Swing Barrier Gate General Specifications:

Model Number
Swing Direction
Left Swing – Model L
Right Swing – Model R
Gate Material
1/4″ Black Durabond – Model BK
1/4″ White Durabond – Model WH
1/4″ Durabond with Custom Printing – Model DP
Gate Dimensions
30″w x 12″h
Swing Gates must be ordered with posts (sold separately) but pricing includes a Heavy Baseweight to prevent shifting.
Overall Weight
57 lbs with post and heavy baseweight
Add-ons and Upgrades
• Replacement Gates Available.
• Optional Custom Printing Available.


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