Queue Management at Newark International Airport’s New Terminal A

On November 15th, 2022, The Points Guy released jaw-dropping photos of Newark International Airport’s brand new Terminal A. The airport, previously known for a passenger experience that left much to be desired, was overhauled by the largest investment, $2.7B, the Port Authority has ever made. Now occupied by state-of-the-art technology, modern amenities, and streamlined processes to help passengers move quickly and efficiently through the airport, Newark is set to improve its reputation significantly.

To help bring this transformational project to life, the airport, along with lead architecture firm Gensler, partnered with Visiontron to design, build and install the terminal’s new queue management solutions.

Identifying Solutions for the Security Screening CheckPoint (SSCP)

When the bid for this project came out, the need for floor mounted stanchions that don’t move had already been identified. We knew our unique, patented MINI-SOCKET design would fit the bill and, after demonstrating the product on site, Munich Airport NJ LLC (the terminal operator) agreed.

The result? Upon entering the terminal, passengers will be guided by more than 500 MINI-SOCKET® RETRACTA-BELTS® & Q-Panels. This kind of stanchion appears “baseless,” maximizing space and allowing passengers to easily maneuver.

The Patented MINI-SOCKET RETRACTA-BELT Stanchions install easily and provide a clean look thanks to the small 7/8” diameter socket and spring-loaded post.

Designing a Value Engineered Solution

While working on the Security Screening CheckPoint (SSCP) queuing area, the architect informed us that they were looking for a glass partition system to frame the area but previous quotes were too expensive. After consulting with the architects and owners, we were able to develop a design that reduced the original budget while keeping with the airport’s modern aesthetic – a value engineered solution that wasn’t sitting in the warehouse but could be dreamt up thanks to a little teamwork.

Designed from scratch, the post and glass partitions ultimately provided the architect’s vision on the owner’s budget. A win-win.

Modifying an Existing Design to Meet the Application

Similar to the above, the specs the architect originally designed for free standing glass doors with an integrated alarm system were too expensive and didn’t meet the security needs. In this scenario, we were able to modify a glass door and alarm system that we’ve developed  for other airports to meet the exact needs and aesthetic of the new space. 

The result? An existing product reimagined alerts personnel of unauthorized access.

Customized entranceways feature glass doors with integrated alarms to enhance the security and safety of the space

Custom White ADA Gates and Barriers

We were proud to partner with TSA and other contractors to design and install custom white colored ADA gates and barriers throughout the security screening area.

ADA gates and barriers are handicap accessible and meet the requirements set by the American Disability Act. Visiontron is a long-time manufacturer of this product for TSA checkpoints across the United States. These barriers and gates are installed to block openings around sensitive x-ray and screening equipment at the check-points. They utilize materials and construction methods that have been specially designed to avoid false alarms or disruptions to equipment.

The result? Gates installed that meet both TSA’s security parameters and the owner’s color preference.

ADA gates and barriers, in a custom white color, are handicap accessible and meet the requirements set by the American Disability Act.

Bringing Brand New Solutions to Outfit the Checkpoint for Clear

Clear customers enjoy their own checkpoint entrance area so they can quickly access the front of the queue. When it came time to integrate this perk into the terminal’s design, we offered up a brand new solution – ECO panels with hinged tops.

The result? Clear can easily change signage and graphics throughout the year for promotion and branding purposes.

Clear lane fitted with brand new ECO panels that can easily be updated with new signage and graphics, as needed.

Airport Industry Expertise

Our team worked diligently to develop and implement a comprehensive system that would help improve customer experience while keeping to the budget and aesthetics of the new design. With years of industry experience, we are a comprehensive crowd control partner, not just a product supplier. From consultation through installation, Visiontron is a one-stop-shop solution, which streamlines partner management for everyone involved in the product.

We look forward to seeing how the efficient, safe, and pleasant queue management system built at Newark’s Terminal A will have a lasting impact on the passenger experience.

To learn more about what it’s like to partner with us, please contact our People Guidance Pros. Whether you need us to consult, design, build or install – we’re here to tackle any Airport crowd control problem and fulfill your needs.

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