Planning a Summer Event: A Guide to Crowd Control

Planning a Summer Event: A Guide to Crowd Control

Oh, summer. The season of fun, festivities, and CROWDS! And if it involves crowds, you know we’re in! Summer events bring large crowds and a lively atmosphere, so they require proper crowd control, or, as we prefer, people guidance, for the safety and enjoyment of all. 

Planning an outdoor event may involve booking vendors, finding performers and obtaining permits; and it also involves the logistics of managing a large number of people in a limited space. In our guide, we will show you the best solutions from Visiontron so you have a fun and successful event.

The Importance of Crowd Control at Summer Events

You want safety and security for attendees at your summer event. So crowd control should be on the top of your list. Large gatherings in outdoor settings can quickly become chaotic without proper management, and can lead to potential accidents or emergency situations. 

But, crowd control will enhance the overall event experience. You will reduce wait times, prevent overcrowding, and facilitate smooth movement throughout your event. This is especially important for events such as street fairs and outdoor concerts, where the enjoyment of the event is closely linked to the ease with which people can navigate the space.

Identifying the Right Crowd Control Equipment for Your Event

We are here to help you choose the right crowd control equipment for your summer event. Let’s start with our steel barriers:

 Identifying the Right Crowd Control Equipment for Your Event

For street fairs, outdoor concerts, festivals, and parades, steel barricades from Visiontron are a robust solution to manage the large crowds. During parades, they can keep the crowds from entering the parade route. During street fairs, they can block off the roads to keep pedestrians safe. For concerts and festivals, they can guide attendees and help keep order in large open spaces. Sometimes referred to as bike racks, our barriers are durable and designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. You can even add a custom-printed cover to display a message or add your brand.

If you’ve got queues, you need retractable belt stanchions:

Identifying the Right Crowd Control Equipment for Your Event

For carnivals or other outdoor events that feature vendors or food trucks which need organized lines, Visiontron’s Premium RETRACTA-BELT stanchions are perfect for queue management. Our stanchions will create structured lines, and improve the attendee experience by reducing wait times and confusion. We have base options for any situation, from permanent to portable and a large selection of belts. You can also add our post mountable sign frames to provide  messaging and directions to your attendees.

Our Walk Under Signs stand above the crowds:

 Identifying the Right Crowd Control Equipment for Your Event

Overhead signs are an excellent choice for outdoor concerts. They help guide and provide an entrance for attendees to various sections like VIP areas, restrooms, and exits. Visiontron’s Walk-Under Signs will provide clear, visible signage that helps in navigating your event space, even in crowded situations. We’ve also seen these effectively utilized in stadium settings.

Need something heavy duty?

Identifying the Right Crowd Control Equipment for Your Event

Our heavy-duty panel system could be a valuable choice for events or venues that need a safe and secure display area. Car shows are a popular summer event that could utilize this option. They also can provide designated walkways for visitors, as seen in the image above. The panel system is versatile, allowing for easy configuration to suit any layout, but strong enough to protect property and withstand outdoor conditions. Custom messages, logos or advertisements are also an option for these products.

Choosing the right crowd control equipment from Visiontron can greatly increase the safety, security, and enjoyment of your summer event.

Strategic Queue Planning for Efficient Flow

Equipment is necessary, but so is planning! When queue planning for summer events like street fairs and festivals, your first step is to assess the expected crowd size and the layout of your event space. Then utilize our retractactable stanchions to delineate clear, organized lines for food vendors, ticket booths, and attractions. 

Remember to space stanchions appropriately to manage the crowd density and help with the smooth movement within queues. Consider the placement of high-demand areas to avoid cross-flow traffic, directing attendees in a logical manner. Additionally, use signage at strategic points to guide attendees and communicate queue starts and ends, this will help the flow and minimize confusion.

Barrier Planning for Safety and Security

We highlighted our steel barriers earlier, so let’s take a minute to review how to plan the placement of them for events like outdoor concerts, parades, and Fourth of July celebrations. 

  1. Identify key areas that require crowd separation or restricted access. 
  2. Map out the event layout, including stages, vendor areas, emergency exits, and public access points. Our steel barricades create clear boundaries and direct foot traffic in desired paths. 
  3. For outdoor concerts, position barriers to form a controlled entry and exit flow, and ensure emergency services can gain access if needed. 
  4. During parades, use barricades to line the parade route to keep spectators safely distanced from participants. 
  5. For Fourth of July celebrations involving fireworks, barriers can be used to establish safe viewing areas and keep attendees at a secure distance from fireworks launch zones.

When you strategically plan your barrier placement, you can increase safety and security, and create a positive experience for all.

Best Practices for Setting Up Your Crowd Control Solutions

Let’s sum up and review with five best practices for crowd control for your summer events: 

  1. Early Setup: Aim to have all crowd control solutions in place well before attendees arrive, allowing for adjustments as needed. 
  2. Clear Signage: Utilize overhead signs to guide attendees, making sure signs are visible above the crowd. 
  3. Flexible Configuration: Be prepared to adjust the configuration of stanchions and barriers as the event progresses to accommodate changes in crowd size and flow. 
  4. Emergency Access: Always establish clear pathways for emergency services and designate specific emergency exits. 
  5. Staff Training: Train your staff or volunteers on the crowd control plan, so they understand how to manage the equipment and assist attendees.

By following these best practices, designating plenty of time for planning, and incorporating our crowd control solutions, you can create a secure and enjoyable environment for everyone involved with your event. Get started on your crowd control strategy. A Visiontron People Guidance Pro is ready to assist you.

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