How to Purchase Velvet Ropes: A Step-By-Step Guide

If glamour and elegance are watchwords for your business or if you’re planning an event where you want your audience to feel special and important, you cannot use just any kind of crowd control products. For instance, if you’re displaying a chic new car at your dealership or you wish to effectively manage a large number of guests at your red-carpet event, choosing the proper stanchion ropes is critical. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that every area of your enterprise or event highlights your success and brand value. 

While many people forget to pay adequate attention to small details such as stanchion posts and ropes in business enterprises or while planning an event, these really have the capacity to make or mark the look and feel of spaces.

We understand that it may be a little overwhelming for you to choose from among the enormous varieties of stanchion ropes available in the market today. Rest assured, velvet ropes are a great option if you wish to uphold glamour and elegance while maintaining crowd guidance at your enterprise or event. Red velvet ropes used at red-carpet events is a classic example.

Here are some tips to aid you in purchasing velvet ropes.     

Five tips when choosing velvet ropes for crowd management at events

    1. Buy velvet ropes for indoor affairs

If you want to use your velvet ropes more than once, note that velvet ropes are best suited for sophisticated, indoor events which prize aesthetics over weather durability. Velvet ropes are not waterproof and therefore not suited for events where they may be exposed to rain or storms. Using good quality velvet ropes indoors not only adds elegance to your business or event but also ensures years of usage without fraying.

    1. The velvet ropes you buy should match other fixtures at the event

Purchasing velvet ropes with snap ends is a great way to ensure that velvet ropes match the metal stanchion posts and fixtures that may already exist at your venue. The finish of the snap ends should also match with the finish of the stanchion posts, and therefore, it is wise to opt for stores that give you choices in snap end finish. Whenever you buy velvet ropes, just make sure your stanchions and the rope end match and you are good to go! 

    1. Give a thought to the color of the velvet ropes

Red velvet ropes are classic options for red-carpet events. But in other circumstances, you have to keep in mind the general color scheme of your business space or the events you have planned. Maybe a blue rope will best match the colors for a corporate event, or a black rope goes best with the interiors of your venue. Spend some time and think about the venue before choosing the color of your velvet ropes. By being careful in selecting the color of the velvet ropes, you can reuse them for different events for years, without having to repurchase them every time. 

    1. ‘Swag’ is important

The way the rope hangs when fixed between two stanchions is called ‘swag.’ Velvet ropes are usually heavier than most other types of ropes and therefore have a naturally elegant swag. Some budget ropes may be filled with inferior quality items and therefore may weigh less, thereby not giving you that optimal swag of high-quality velvet ropes. 

The length of the rope also determines the swag. You certainly do not want too long or too short a rope. One foolproof way of buying just the correct length of rope is arranging a string between your existing stanchion posts before you buy your velvet ropes. Add around 3-6 inches to the string length to get that perfect swag in your velvet ropes.

  1. Choose the right store for purchasing velvet ropes for your event

It is important that you buy velvet ropes from a reputable supplier. Many stores will sell you ropes with fillers made of cheap materials like foam or even sand. These ropes will give you neither the swag nor the elegance you require. Hence make sure you only buy your velvet ropes from a trusted seller.

Quality velvet ropes from Visiontron

Visiontron is one of the most trusted velvet rope dealers. The velvet ropes sold by Visiontron have high-quality cotton core fillers with durable snap ends in your choice of finish and are handcrafted as per your order. The snap ends are made of solid zinc and hence are rust-resistant. Equipped with spring-loaded triggers, these snap ends make Visiontron velvet ropes easy to remove and assemble. Plush velvet ropes with a heavy cotton core give you that perfect swag between two posts but at a price that suits your pocket.  Visit our website or contact the professional team at Visiontron today if you need help with choosing velvet ropes for your office space or your next event.

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