Enhancing Elmwood Park Zoo’s New Welcome Center with Innovative Queue Solutions

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Enhancing Elmwood Park Zoo's New Welcome Center with Innovative Queue Solutions

Elmwood Park Zoo, known for its dedication to conservation, education, and recreation, recently unveiled a new welcome center to enhance the visitor experience. To manage the flow of guests efficiently while complementing the aesthetic of the new space, Elmwood Park Zoo required an attractive & well thought out queue management solution. Our team was tasked with planning and installing a queue system that would align with the zoo’s design vision and operational needs


  1. Enhance Visitor Experience: Provide an organized and aesthetically pleasing queue system that facilitates smooth visitor flow.
  2. Design Integration: Ensure that the queue system complements the zoo’s new welcome center design.
  3. Timely Completion: Deliver and install the system within 30 days from the order date.

FUN FACT: The zoo which opened in 1924, was originally home to just a few white-tailed deer and now houses over 100 different animal species ,totalling 300 animals.


  1. Design Consultation: The team at Visiontron collaborated with the Elmwood Park Zoo to understand the visual and functional requirements of the new welcome center.
  2. Planning & Equipment Selection: Due to the mosaic paver pattern and floor conditions, Visiontron used a custom 6-inch deep Mini-Socket anchor to ensure proper engagement with the structural slab below. Our MINI-SOCKET® Base mounts, known for their discreet and sturdy design, were paired with our elegant classic posts and ropes to provide a clean base-less look that can be easily removed during the off season of the zoo.
  3. Aesthetic Integration: With a wide range of VIP rope and crowd management stanchion customization options available, The selection of the stainless steel posts paired with our outdoor ready, braided polypropylene rope in natural hemp was a perfect match for the new Welcome Center’s look and feel.
  4. Efficient Installation: As the opening date approached, it was crunch time! The custom mosaic paver installation was happening just days before the Visiontron installation crew was set to arrive. The general contractor was able to push and pull schedules of the different trades to get the project completed with time to spare. The outdoor stanchions were installed in two days with a third required to customize the lengths of the ropes on site to ensure a clean and accurate fit. This success was due to meticulous planning and coordination with the zoo’s entire team.

This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. We designed, built, and installed Elmwood Park Zoo’s queue system that not only manages visitor flow efficiently but also enhances the overall design of their new welcome center.

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Visiontron’s Role

  • We Consulted.

    In close collaboration with the zoo, we tailored the queue design and product selections, aligning with the welcome center's needs and project scope.

  • We Designed.

    To fulfill their specific needs we developed a custom, extra deep anchor method for mounting the MINI-SOCKET© Base mounts into their decorative pavers and the slab below.

  • We Built.

    All products for the installation were built and assembled in our 80,000 Sq., Ft. facility in Holtsville, New York.

  • We Installed.

    Our in-house installation team delivered, set up and installed the project in just 2 days, ensuring ample time to prepare for the grand opening on June 27, 2024.

Ticketing and entry area at the new welcome center.

Strategically placed posts to work around and with the intricate paver pattern.

Our twisted rope with natural hemp color is the perfect addition to the outdoor palette for the new welcome center.

Our installers came to ready to work. We make sure the queue is setup to ours and our customers high standards.

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