Egress Compliant: Magnetic Belt End Stanchions for Smoother Emergency Exits

If you are responsible for the safety of visitors in venues like stadiums and airports, evacuation during emergencies is one of your challenges. We have the solution: panic break belt ends. With their ability to quickly open and retract, our stanchions with either magnetic or rubber belt ends are changing the way we think about emergency exits. Let us show you how these products can make egress smoother and safer for everyone.

Understanding the Importance of Egress in High-Traffic Areas

In high-traffic areas, the complexity and density of crowds require adherence to international and state-level fire codes regarding egress in queues. These regulations are designed so that in the event of an emergency, everyone can exit the premises swiftly and safely. 

International Fire Code, for instance, mandates that all physical barriers in the path of egress must automatically open in the direction of exit without any obstruction. Similarly, state-level codes follow suit, imposing strict guidelines on the layout, management, and emergency preparedness of spaces where large crowds gather. 

The aim is to minimize panic, prevent bottlenecks, and facilitate a controlled and orderly evacuation. Let us help you incorporate egress-compliant solutions in the design and operation of your high-traffic venues.

The Advantages of Stanchions with Panic Break Belt Ends

Our magnetic (or rubber) belt end stanchions are a significant improvement in public safety and crowd control. These belt ends offer flexibility and safety during emergency evacuations. They can automatically disengage ensuring an unobstructed path towards exits. The panic break belt ends are made in two ways – magnetic or rubber. The magnetic ones are a more durable solution and come in two breakaway forces. The rubber breakaway is a more economical version and also comes in two breakaway strengths. Both of these options:

  • Align with the mandates of the International Fire Code, providing a swift and efficient solution for clear egress routes. 

  • Provide reconfiguration of queue layouts, adapting to both the nature of crowds and emergencies. 

  • Facilitate ease of detachment and reattachment operational adjustments without affecting the flow of traffic. 

Either magnetic or rubber options can be added in the field to an existing RETRACTA-BELT® stanchion or be factory applied at the time of ordering. Visiontron’s RETRACTA-BELT ® stanchions with panic break belt ends exemplify how technology can enhance compliance with safety regulations while offering the adaptability required for effective crowd management in high-traffic settings. Here’s how:

The belt ends create strong connections between the belt and the mounted post, preventing accidental removal from fidgety patrons. However, they easily disengage as a person walks through with any force from the side. The belt then immediately and safely retracts into the emergency stanchion post to avoid becoming a tripping hazard. 

The Advantages of Stanchions with Panic Break Belt Ends

Implementing Magnetic Belt End Stanchions in Stadiums and Other Venues

Using stanchions with panic break belt ends in your venue will transform your crowd management with the addition of emergency preparedness. By integrating these devices into existing security frameworks or crowd control products, venues can ensure a smoother transition from normal operations to emergency evacuation modes. 

Consider training your staff on the operation and benefits of these stanchions to adapt to shifting sizes of crowds and to ensure that in moments of crisis, they can guide attendees safely and efficiently to exits.

If your venue is currently using the classic post and rope stanchions, we have an egress solution for you too:

Our Classic Post+Rope stanchions (and any competitor’s products) can be fitted with our Magnetic Breakaways. In the event of an emergency, that connection will break under force to prevent panic and allow clear access to egress points. Our magnetic breakaways for ropes are available in three finishes to match existing rope ends and wall connectors. Upgrades are simple. The additional part joins two ropes at the center, attaching easily to existing snap ends.

The Advantages of Stanchions with Panic Break Belt Ends

Enhancing Airport Safety with Panic Break Belt Ends

Airports, with their unique security requirements and constant flow of passengers, benefit significantly from the deployment of these products. Here’s how:

  • Streamline the process of adjusting queue layouts in response to fluctuating passenger volumes and emergency protocols. 

  • Mitigate the risks of congestion and confusion during evacuations. 

  • The quick-release mechanism is particularly helpful in zones that experience sudden changes in crowds.

  • Enhance both the efficiency of routine operations and the effectiveness of emergency response strategies.

A Case Study of a Successful Egress Implementation

Across various venues, the implementation of our stanchions with magnetic belt ends has proven to be a game-changer. The Hoover Dam Visitors Center is a great example.

The Hoover Dam Visitors Center was undergoing a redesign. They chose the elegant, sturdy queue solution of our Premium ADA-compliant Dual Line RETRACTA-BELT® posts with our patented MINI-SOCKET® base mount, which has the smallest possible footprint and gives a sleek look.

The architects and project managers also needed the stanchion belts to easily open to provide safe exiting from the queue in the event of an emergency. Our magnetic breakaway belt was the solution. It was a reliable tool that provided uninhibited egress from a line. This satisfied the architect, the Fire Marshal and the Hoover Dam team.

Become Egress Compliant with Visiontron

Working with Visiontron will help your venue become compliant with egress regulations. By incorporating our magnetic or rubber belt ends you will create a safer, more efficient path to exits during critical situations. 

Our panic break belt ends can be an upgrade to our standard RETRACTA-BELT ® product line, and work with several of our base options for a variety of installation and aesthetic requirements. And to be compliant, you can easily upgrade existing models to save the cost of replacing an entire stanchion. Contact a People Guidance Pro for details.

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