Easing The Challenge of Crowd Management

Businesses face challenges every day – big and small – and no doubt crowd management is a common one. Customers are vital to the success of your business and so ensuring a safe and orderly physical space for them is critical. That’s why we at Visiontron are proud to provide simple and cost-effective solutions.

There are different types of Crowd Management barricades available for commercial use. Selecting the right type will be dependent on your circumstances and unique needs. Let’s dive into these 4 main types below.

Types of Crowd Management Barricades

1. Retractable Barriers

These types of crowd management barriers are often used to ensure safe and orderly movement of crowds and are sometimes called ‘Queue barriers’. Retractable barriers successfully provide crowd management in banks, VIP events, music festivals, ticket queues, restaurants, hotels, outdoor events, and so many other areas. These retractable barriers have time and again proved to be a compact, light, cost-effective and dependable solution. Plus they are universally recognized symbols of crowd management so you rarely need to worry about customer confusion. When they approach a retractable barrier, they know to queue!

2. Wall Mount Barriers

As the name states, these barriers can be easily mounted on walls. These are ideal for cases where the surface area cannot be used to install a barricade. For instance, in the case of concrete topping or wet flooring, a wall mount barrier can be used. These come with a retractable belt that can be customized with different messages that signify why the space has been blocked off for customers. These can be permanent fixtures or temporary installations. Wall mount barriers are lightweight, extremely compact and can be easily mounted on walls with the help of screws. Newer models also come equipped with magnetic strips that help mount the barrier.

3. Stanchion Barriers

One of the most easily identified tools for crowd management are stanchion barriers. You must have seen these at museums, galleries, warehouses, festival venues and outdoor events. These are often used in public areas to ensure efficient and organized crowd management. The other popular use of stanchions is to cordon off restricted areas or ‘no entry’ zones. You can easily identify stanchions by their placement patterns. These are commonly placed in a zig-zag pattern with a specific space between each stanchion. With ropes that are retractable or permanent, these stanchions are perfect for crowd management in banks and other high security places with large footfalls.

4. Rigid Barriers

This type of barrier is often used for commercial purposes and in large-scale construction projects. Rigid barriers, as the name suggests, are not mobile or lightweight. Their core characteristic is their ability to handle strong impacts. For instance, you may see rigid barriers emerging from large concrete fencing walls. This is because rigid barriers are often located at the base of structures and add stiffness to the whole construction. These are highly reliable and offer guaranteed protection from strong forces. In certain instances, they also offer privacy in locations where a permanent structure can not be maintained.

Different Types of Crowd Management Barricades At Visiontron

Visiontron is a leading brand that offers these various crowd management accessories and devices. In addition to the four products highlighted above, we also offer custom signage, baggage sizers, airport info boards and more. Our suite of crowd management products makes it easy to find the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. At Visionton, we recognize the importance of manufacturing sturdy, high quality and value for money crowd management barricades that solve the needs of enterprises across the USA and the globe. No matter what type of barricade you need, our People Guidance Pros have your back.

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