Customized Rolling Walls Meet Unique Needs of Multiple Clients

Customized Rolling Walls Meet Unique Needs of Multiple Clients

At Visiontron, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of skilled engineers is always up for the challenge and can design and manufacture custom solutions from an existing item or from concept to completion. In fact, many of our tailored solutions have led to the creation of brand new product lines that are now part of our standard offerings. Let us showcase a few examples of our exceptional work through the stories of some of our clients.

Our People Guidance Pros collaborate with clients to customize solutions that are specific to their projects. When Delta Airlines needed a portable barrier solution that could be set up and put away quickly, we designed and manufactured custom rolling walls. By adding locking wheels to our Q-Panel System, we created a solid, mobile panel barrier system that could be customized to the specific heights and widths required. Stand out features included:

  • Walls were constructed to be sturdy and not flex when moved, allowing multiple panels to be moved at the same time.
  • Panels featured printed inserts to showcase the client’s branding.
  • Easy to install and remove without any demolition or clean-up required.



Our custom rolling walls proved to be such a success that we soon provided a similar solution to MetLife Stadium, which needed to replace folding partition walls and required semi-permanent portable display wall panels to conceal storage areas. To meet this need, we designed and manufactured rolling walls made from portable display wall panels that were built on lockable wheels. We also utilized our 6 feet tall Privacy Panels to provide an elegant and sturdy solution to hide the storage areas. Each of these solutions was customized based on the size and finishes required.

The Arizona Coyotes at Mullett Arena also required a barrier system that could be easily put up and moved without any hassle. They needed walls to separate the visiting team from their fans, and the walls had to be extra-sturdy, see-through, and tall enough to prevent anything from getting over them. Once again, our rolling walls proved to be the perfect solution

If you have a project that requires a customized solution, our People Guidance Pros are here to help. We specialize in creating custom solutions for a wide range of applications, including airports, casinos, warehouses, cruise lines, museums, stadiums, and more. Our expert engineers and best-in-class manufacturing team can turn project challenges into solutions and products that can be used by all. So if you have a similar project that needs immediate attention, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If it doesn’t exist yet, we will design and manufacture it. Custom solutions are at the heart of what we do, and we are always up for a challenge.

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