Achieving Electoral Transparency with Modular Viewing Area Solutions

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Achieving Electoral Transparency with Modular Viewing Area Solutions

When the City of Philadelphia sought to change the way they provided viewing access to the electoral process, they turned to Visiontron. With a rich history and a commitment to democracy, Philadelphia envisioned an attractive, safe, and functional viewing area where both the public and the media could engage firsthand with the ballot counting process and provide crowd control for voting transparency in one solution.

The architect tasked with redesigning the electoral viewing area contacted us to learn more about our Magnetic and MINI-SOCKET® stanchion base solutions. Samples were sent, and with the expertise and guidance of one of our People Guidance Pros, a plan started to take shape. They needed an elegant yet sturdy solution that could be easily set up, dismantled, and stored for each election cycle to replace their old plastic post & chain queue. The solution had to offer unobstructed views of the ballot counting process while ensuring security and controlled access.

We proposed a comprehensive solution tailored to their unique needs. The Q-Panel® Post and Panel system formed the foundation of the viewing area and perimeter to create a clean and secure barrier between the public and the poll counters. In addition, we integrated Panel gates with Walk Under Signs – providing designated egress paths viewable from a distance for a safe and fire code-compliant solution. Utilizing our magnetic egress solution, these gates offer secure yet easily accessible entry and exit points to ensure safe and efficient crowd management during events.

Complementing these features, they went with our MINI-SOCKET® Stanchion base solution. These small, 2.5″ footprint, patented solutions allow for easy installs yet secure attachment to the floor during use. The 300 series posts were strategically positioned to delineate boundaries, pathways, and provide stability while adding a touch of sophistication to the space. The ease of setup and breakdown will minimize disruption to the electoral proceedings, while the design will enhance the overall user experience.

When the elections are over and the ballots have been counted, they will utilize our custom storage carts, designed specifically for the breakdown, transportation, and storage of the posts and panels, to an off-site facility. A project that successfully provided crowd control for voting transparency and safety for all.

Our collaboration with the City of Philadelphia exemplifies our commitment to quality, customer service, and our dedication to listening to the needs of our customers’ and developing custom solutions that work.

Visiontron’s Role

  • We Consulted.

    In close collaboration with the architect, we tailored designs and product selections for each space, aligning with the building’s needs and project scope.

  • We Designed.

    To fulfill the specific needs of complete breakdown and storage, Visiontron crafted custom carts to store and transport all installation materials.

  • We Built.

    All products and signage for the installation were built and assembled in our 80,000 Sq., Ft. facility in Holtsville, New York.

  • We Installed.

    Our in-house installation team delivered and set up the project of over 175 posts and 125 panels in just 7 days, ensuring ample time to prepare for the election.

Magnetic breakaway panel gates provide the rigidity and support you need with safety and security in mind.

Customizable Walk Under Signs provide clear direction from a distance without using additional floor space.

MINI-SOCKET® base mounts paired with our 300 series posts make it an easy to setup/ breakdown system.

Q-Panel® Post and Panel Systems provide an attractive and sturdy solution to corralling and queuing.

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