ADA Compliance for Queues: The Importance of Spacing, Layout and Design

Queues, or lines, are a part of our daily lives. From waiting for our morning coffee to entering a concert venue, queues are a common occurrence for us in various settings. But, for individuals with disabilities, navigating through queues can often be challenging. This is why it is crucial for businesses and organizations to ensure that their queues are ADA compliant, with proper spacing, layout and structure to accommodate those with disabilities.

Get the Most Out of Your Queue Lines: Tips & Tricks for Happier Customers

A well planned and maintained queue can be the difference between satisfied guests and those who leave with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Below is a selection of “tricks-of-the-trade” we have compiled for you to help you create better queue lines.
The first step to setting up a queue is to plan for your approximate queue size. This is calculated by estimating the space between people depending on your application. Sizing the queues space to your expected volume is crucial for smooth, organized and stress-free queuing and allows you to calculate max capacity at peak times.

How to Set Up a Proper Queue

Setting up a proper and efficient queuing system is essential for any business or organization to maintain order, ensure customer satisfaction, and promote safety. Whether it’s a retail store, bank, airport, or event venue, a well-designed queuing system can help manage crowds and direct traffic in a controlled and organized manner. Below, we will provide detailed guidelines on How to Set Up a Proper Queue using retractable belt stanchions and panels for crowd control and wayfinding solutions.

Using a retractable belt queue system is better for your business

As a business owner or manager, creating a welcoming environment for customers is essential to success. One key aspect of a successful business is crowd control. A retractable belt queue system with stanchions and barriers is an effective solution for crowd control and provides many benefits over customer-controlled lines. Learn why a queue system is better for your business.

How to Purchase Velvet Ropes: A Step-By-Step Guide

If glamour and elegance are watchwords for your business or if you’re planning an event where you want your audience to feel special and important, you cannot use just any kind of crowd control products. For instance, if you’re displaying a chic new car at your dealership or you wish to effectively manage a large number of guests at your red-carpet event, choosing the proper stanchion ropes is critical. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that every area of your enterprise or event highlights your success and brand value.

While many people forget to pay adequate attention to small details such as stanchion posts and ropes in business enterprises or while planning an event, these really have the capacity to make or mark the look and feel of spaces.

Which types of stanchions & ropes are best for your business?

As a business owner, your establishment bustling with a crowd is a welcome sight. It means that your business is prospering. However, you must ensure that heavy footfall never becomes a cause for customer discomfort or unwanted accidents. This is why you must take the proper measures for effective and efficient management of foot traffic.

Whether you own a small shop or a large hotel, manage an educational institution or any other commercial site, choosing stanchion ropes, stanchion posts, and stanchion signs that help with queue management, sectioning off parking lots, or warning customers against danger zones is the first step towards ensuring a positive customer experience.

Of course, there are different types of stanchions. So, how do you know which one is best for your business? In this article, we’ll review the different types of stanchion posts, stanchion ropes, and stanchion signs to help you decide.

Advantages of Using a Rope Barrier at Your Next Event or Public Gathering


Barrier systems using ropes look classy and quite stylish. When used properly, these barriers can make a place look quite luxurious. Some of the common places where you usually see such barriers include hotel lobbies, red-carpet events and other special events or programming. Red carpet ropes are extremely popular for red carpet events, in particular.

One of the best things about barriers made from ropes is the flexibility. Rope barriers are available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes – so you can be sure they will fit in nicely with your setting and other decor. The bases or the posts to which the ropes are attached come in different designs and finishes, as well. When the right combination of post and rope is made, you have yourself a visually appealing crowd control solution for your next event!

5 Benefits Of Queue Management Systems

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear that word
“queue” is probably a long line of people standing and waiting for their turn.
Queues form everywhere from retail checkout counters to stadium entrances and
the goal of the business is to ensure the queue is orderly and efficient.

This is where Queue Management Systems come into play. When
prepared correctly, they help to streamline the movement of people throughout
your venue – be it a hospital, airport, casino, and so on.

Although queue management gained immense popularity during
the global pandemic, it has always been and remains an important component of
business success for a number of major industries. It provides several benefits
to both customers and the staff which we will review below.

Safe Navigation for Your Business and Customers

From airports and major transportation hubs to retailers and entertainment venues, thousands of people are shuffling through commercial spaces each and every day. This is why it is so important that you’ve taken the proper measures to manage this large volume of foot traffic effectively and efficiently. Don’t get us wrong – large crowds inside or outside any business is a sign your enterprise is thriving! So, kudos to you. However, if you want to keep your customers coming back for more, you need to make the experience a positive one. This is where retractable belt barricades come into play – an excellent solution for controlling and directing crowds to ensure the safest, most pleasant experience for your customers and prospective clientele.

These retractable barricades are ideal, and simple tools designed for the kind of crowd control your business needs. Whether you run a club, a restaurant chain, or organize events – these retractable crowd barriers will prove to be your best safety device and go-to chaos management tool. Here are a few good reasons you won’t regret investing in retractable belt barricades by Visiontron.

Easing The Challenge of Crowd Management

Businesses face challenges every day – big and small – and no doubt crowd management is a common one. Customers are vital to the success of your business and so ensuring a safe and orderly physical space for them is critical. That’s why we at Visiontron are proud to provide simple and cost-effective solutions.

There are different types of Crowd Management barricades available for commercial use. Selecting the right type will be dependent on your circumstances and unique needs. Let’s dive into these 4 main types below.

Visiontron Flips the Switch on a 50 kW Solar Panel System

Sustainability & Environmental Awareness at Visiontron

Visiontron adds to their growing list of green and energy efficient plant improvements by installing a 220 panel photovoltaic solar panel system. The system is one of the largest in the area and is expected to provide Visiontron over half of their annual power demand.

In an effort to be the greenest American crowd control stanchion manufacturer, Visiontron proudly announces the installation of a 50 kW solar panel system. The system is estimated to supply Visiontron with over half of its annual power with clean, renewable energy and is one of the largest installs in the area. This system adds another item to their list of green improvements completed to their 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility over the past several years.