Visiontron’s Custom Q-Panel System Serves Delta One’s Elite LAX Clientele

Visiontron Crowd Control Stanchions at Delta's LAX Terminal

Booking a Delta One flight comes with a ton of perks and that’s why the airline required an exclusive check-in experience from day one when unveiling their brand new Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Delta Airlines partnered with Visiontron to create a temporary Delta One Check-in Lounge while the permanent dedicated lounge […]

Queues are Safer Now, Thanks to Trusty Magnets for Emergency Stanchions

Designing efficient crowd control queues for many applications can be a challenge. You need to consider space requirements, people flow, wait times, budget and so many other factors. The end goal is to provide your valued patrons an understanding of where to go and what to expect, providing an optimal brand experience. But beyond efficiency […]

Visiontron’s Guide to Guards

Which Guard is Right For You? Keeping customers and employees separated will create a safe experience for all. Sneeze Guards come in many styles and materials to accommodate any budget and application. Here are some examples. We’re here to help in any way we can. A People Guidance Pro is available to assist you at […]

Designing the “New Counter Experience”

Please Wait Here The new counter experience is all about feeling safe. Customers and staff want to know that there are procedures and equipment in place to protect and separate. Emphasize this message throughout the entire customer journey. Exit This Way Messaging and equipment are just as important once the transaction is completed. Limit cross-traffic […]

Designing the “New Queue”

The new normal is dictating changes in how we interact and go about doing business while keeping employees and customers healthy.

Crowd Control for the “New Normal”

For over 50 years, we’ve been manufacturing products that guide people to ensure a safe, organized journey. See how many of our new and existing products help as the world focuses on a more distanced, guarded and safer path ahead. We’re here to help in any way we can. A People Guidance Pro is available […]

Visiontron Creates a Magnetically Appealing Product that Satisfies International Fire Code

DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE The architect assigned to redesign the Hoover Dam Visitors Center requested a quote for an elegant, sturdy queue solution. We quoted our Premium ADA-compliant Dual Line RETRACTA-BELT® posts with our patented MINI-SOCKET® base mount, which has the smallest possible footprint and looks really sleek. Hoover Dam had concerns that the belts would […]

Visiontron Helps United Airlines Board Better

Dependability. Reliability. Responsiveness. Multinational corporations like United Airlines demand these attributes from their business partners. And they received exactly that from Visiontron. United was undertaking a years-long initiative called Better Boarding. The goal was to help its customers and gate agents navigate the boarding process more quickly and comfortably. Although it may seem simple, the […]

JetBlue Terminal 5 at JFK Airport

JetBlue selected Visiontron to outfit their state-of-the-art, 26-gate terminal at JFK Airport with indoor and outdoor RETRACTA-BELT® posts, Q-PANEL® rigid systems, Baggage Sizers, and custom signage. Visiontron Corp. is a green manufacturer of crowd control products for over 40 years. Their products include RETRACTA-BELT® crowd control stanchions, traditional Q-PANEL® queuing systems and related signage and accessories for public […]

Seattle-Tacoma Int’l Airport: Crowd Control Solutions for an Organized Airport Experience

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport selected Visiontron’s Mini Socket Mounted Retracta-Belt Stanchions, Q-PANEL® ‘Privacy Panels’ and Q-BEAM® for increased airport security in their customs areas. MINI-SOCKET® Mounted RETRACTA-BELT® stanchions were also used in the Southwest ticketing counter. MINI-SOCKET Mounted RETRACTA-BELT stanchions are quick and easy to install, unscrew from the socket in seconds so the queue line […]