Planning a Summer Event: A Guide to Crowd Control

Planning a Summer Event: A Guide to Crowd Control

Oh, summer. The season of fun, festivities, and CROWDS! And if it involves crowds, you know we’re in! Summer events bring large crowds and a lively atmosphere, so they require proper crowd control, or, as we prefer, people guidance, for the safety and enjoyment of all.
Planning an outdoor event may involve booking vendors, finding performers and obtaining permits; and it also involves the logistics of managing a large number of people in a limited space.

The Science of Queue Formation: How Line Configurations Impact Wait Times

Waiting in line is a universal experience, whether it’s at a grocery store, a theme park, or traveling through an airport or cruise terminal. The efficiency and organization of these queues can significantly impact our perceptions and experiences. But why do some lines seem to move faster than others? The science of queue formation provides fascinating insights into how different line configurations impact wait times, customer satisfaction, and overall efficiency.

A Guide to Queue Layout for Any Crowd Size

From frequent flyers to grocery store shoppers, everyone spends time waiting on line. But for you, a facility manager, event planner, or similar profession that is responsible for crowd control, waiting lines brings you concerns of safety, customer service and lost profits. We’ve put together this guide to help you choose the best queue layout for any crowd size. From small to large queues, we’ll cover what you need to know about queue management and how to keep your visitors happy.

Set Up A Queue with Retractable Belts: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Setting up a retractable belt queue efficiently requires attention to detail and adherence to best practices. Whether you’re managing a busy event, guiding customers in a retail space, or maintaining order in a public venue, the 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Setting Up A Retractable Belt Queue can significantly impact the flow of foot traffic, the quality and aesthetic and overall customer experience. Follow these helpful tips, they can help ensure a smooth and organized queuing process.

Achieving Electoral Transparency with Modular Viewing Area Solutions

Voting transparency crowd control - Walk Under Signs and Magnetic Egress Gates

When the City of Philadelphia sought to change the way they provided viewing access to the electoral process, they turned to Visiontron. With a rich history and a commitment to democracy, Philadelphia envisioned an attractive, safe, and functional viewing area where both the public and the media could engage firsthand with the ballot counting process and provide crowd control for voting transparency in one solution.

How to Set Up a Proper Queue

Setting up a proper and efficient queuing system is essential for any business or organization to maintain order, ensure customer satisfaction, and promote safety. Whether it’s a retail store, bank, airport, or event venue, a well-designed queuing system can help manage crowds and direct traffic in a controlled and organized manner. Below, we will provide detailed guidelines on How to Set Up a Proper Queue using retractable belt stanchions and panels for crowd control and wayfinding solutions.

Using a retractable belt queue system is better for your business

As a business owner or manager, creating a welcoming environment for customers is essential to success. One key aspect of a successful business is crowd control. A retractable belt queue system with stanchions and barriers is an effective solution for crowd control and provides many benefits over customer-controlled lines. Learn why a queue system is better for your business.

Whether retail, restaurant or warehouse, every bit of floor space count$.

You’re open for business but under strict guidelines to maintain six feet of social distancing for customers and employees. The queues and barriers you may already have in place might need to be extended to accommodate for keeping people spaced out enough, but that, along with compliance signage, could take away valuable floor space.

With our deep roots stemming from working with the world’s busiest airports, we understand the need to organize and move people in a safe and orderly fashion. Our expert engineers have designed flexible queuing and wayfinding solutions that can handle high traffic and abuse. Many retailers, including Bloomingdale’s, Verizon, Walmart, Best Buy, Michael Kors, Five Guys, Nike, BJ’s and Costco (among others), are our valuable customers, allowing us to protect theirs. Here are some tips that might apply to your business.

Queues are Safer Now, Thanks to Trusty Magnets for Emergency Stanchions

Every building has plans for emergency evacuations that take multiple codes into account, including both the actual exits and a clear path to reach them from any occupied space. International Fire Code states, “Each secured physical barrier shall automatically retract or swing to an unobstructed open position in the direction of egress…”(1) Panic can ensue when those paths are blocked, resulting in a loss of control, putting everyone’s safety in jeopardy.

To put it simply, emergency stanchions with belts or ropes can inhibit your patrons from safely reaching exits in the event of emergencies. They can also block first responders from quickly reaching someone in need of help.

Because of this, international and state level fire codes have adopted quick egress policies from queues in the event of any emergency. So, you need a solution that not only guides crowds around your facility, but also allows them to bypass those defined queues when required.

Visiontron’s Guide to Guards

Keeping customers and employees separated will create a safe experience for all. Sneeze Guards come in many styles and materials to accommodate any budget and application. Here are some examples.

Designing the “New Counter Experience”

The new counter experience is all about feeling safe. Customers and staff want to know that there are procedures and equipment in place to protect and separate. Emphasize this message throughout the entire customer journey.
Messaging and equipment are just as important once the transaction is completed. Limit cross-traffic interactions with one-way flows and provide additional sanitizer dispensers near the exit.

Designing the “New Queue”

The new normal is dictating changes in how we interact and go about doing business while keeping employees and customers healthy.