Get the Most Out of Your Queue Lines: Tips & Tricks for Happier Customers

A well planned and maintained queue can be the difference between satisfied guests and those who leave with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Below is a selection of “tricks-of-the-trade” we have compiled for you to help you create better queue lines.
The first step to setting up a queue is to plan for your approximate queue size. This is calculated by estimating the space between people depending on your application. Sizing the queues space to your expected volume is crucial for smooth, organized and stress-free queuing and allows you to calculate max capacity at peak times.

Customized Rolling Walls Meet Unique Needs of Multiple Clients


At Visiontron, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of skilled engineers is always up for the challenge and can design and manufacture custom solutions from an existing item or from concept to completion. In fact, many of our tailored solutions have led to the creation of brand new product lines that are now part of our standard offerings. Let us showcase a few examples of our exceptional work through the stories of some of our clients.

Queue Management at Newark International Airport’s New Terminal A

On November 15th, 2022, The Points Guy released jaw-dropping photos of Newark International Airport’s brand new Terminal A. The airport, previously known for a passenger experience that left much to be desired, was overhauled by the largest investment, $2.7B, the Port Authority has ever made. Now occupied by state-of-the-art technology, modern amenities, and streamlined processes to help passengers move quickly and efficiently through the airport, Newark is set to improve its reputation significantly.

To help bring this transformational project to life, the airport, along with lead architecture firm Gensler, partnered with Visiontron to design, build and install the terminal’s new queue management solutions.

Visiontron’s Custom Walk Under Signs Provides LiveNation With Attention Grabbing Signage.

Live nation Highway signs, Sign and entranceway visible from a distance

Custom Walk Under Signs create an easily viewable entranceway from a distance.

Being at a concert or show can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. It’s easy to get lost or not know your way around. With so much going on and large crowds at every turn, you can get turned around and find yourself wondering where to go. Our Custom Walk Under Signs are not only viewable from large distances, making it easier for patrons to know where to go, but they also reenforce the company’s brand to all who see it.

Visiontron’s Custom Q-Panel Post and Panel System Serves Delta One’s Elite LAX Clientele

Visiontron Crowd Control Stanchions at Delta's LAX Terminal

Booking a Delta One flight comes with a ton of perks and that’s why the airline required an exclusive check-in experience from day one when unveiling their brand new Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Delta Airlines partnered with Visiontron to create a temporary Delta One Check-in Lounge using our Custom Post and Panel Barrier while the permanent dedicated lounge is underway. The exclusive Delta One clientele, many of whom are celebrities, can now enjoy a private and exclusive check-in experience worthy of the Delta One name.

Minding the gap between train cars isn’t always easy for people with visual impairments.

If an environment is not suited with the proper audio guidance or clear visual safety warnings, it can be an unnecessarily dangerous journey.

Just one of the many safety concerns is the open space between train cars when they are at a station stop with level-boarding platforms. The gap between the train cars can easily be confused for a doorway, creating a perilous opportunity for a passenger to fall between the cars and onto the track bed.

After several incidences of people falling between train cars onto the track bed, the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) posted new regulations effective Nov. 4, 2015 in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1992

Whether retail, restaurant or warehouse, every bit of floor space count$.

You’re open for business but under strict guidelines to maintain six feet of social distancing for customers and employees. The queues and barriers you may already have in place might need to be extended to accommodate for keeping people spaced out enough, but that, along with compliance signage, could take away valuable floor space.

With our deep roots stemming from working with the world’s busiest airports, we understand the need to organize and move people in a safe and orderly fashion. Our expert engineers have designed flexible queuing and wayfinding solutions that can handle high traffic and abuse. Many retailers, including Bloomingdale’s, Verizon, Walmart, Best Buy, Michael Kors, Five Guys, Nike, BJ’s and Costco (among others), are our valuable customers, allowing us to protect theirs. Here are some tips that might apply to your business.

Queues are Safer Now, Thanks to Trusty Magnets for Emergency Stanchions

Every building has plans for emergency evacuations that take multiple codes into account, including both the actual exits and a clear path to reach them from any occupied space. International Fire Code states, “Each secured physical barrier shall automatically retract or swing to an unobstructed open position in the direction of egress…”(1) Panic can ensue when those paths are blocked, resulting in a loss of control, putting everyone’s safety in jeopardy.

To put it simply, emergency stanchions with belts or ropes can inhibit your patrons from safely reaching exits in the event of emergencies. They can also block first responders from quickly reaching someone in need of help.

Because of this, international and state level fire codes have adopted quick egress policies from queues in the event of any emergency. So, you need a solution that not only guides crowds around your facility, but also allows them to bypass those defined queues when required.

School Reopening Solutions for the New Normal

For over 50 years, we’ve been manufacturing products that guide people to ensure a safe, organized journey. See how many of our new and existing products help grade school and higher education administrators plan for a more distanced, guarded and safer environment for students and faculty.

Visiontron’s Guide to Guards

Keeping customers and employees separated will create a safe experience for all. Sneeze Guards come in many styles and materials to accommodate any budget and application. Here are some examples.

Designing the “New Counter Experience”

The new counter experience is all about feeling safe. Customers and staff want to know that there are procedures and equipment in place to protect and separate. Emphasize this message throughout the entire customer journey.
Messaging and equipment are just as important once the transaction is completed. Limit cross-traffic interactions with one-way flows and provide additional sanitizer dispensers near the exit.

Designing the “New Queue”

The new normal is dictating changes in how we interact and go about doing business while keeping employees and customers healthy.