Queue Management at Newark International Airport’s New Terminal A

On November 15th, 2022, The Points Guy released jaw-dropping photos of Newark International Airport’s brand new Terminal A. The airport, previously known for a passenger experience that left much to be desired, was overhauled by the largest investment, $2.7B, the Port Authority has ever made. Now occupied by state-of-the-art technology, modern amenities, and streamlined processes […]

How to Purchase Velvet Ropes: A Step-By-Step Guide

If glamour and elegance are watchwords for your business or if you’re planning an event where you want your audience to feel special and important, you cannot use just any kind of crowd control products. For instance, if you’re displaying a chic new car at your dealership or you wish to effectively manage a large […]

Which types of stanchions & ropes are best for your business?

As a business owner, your establishment bustling with a crowd is a welcome sight. It means that your business is prospering. However, you must ensure that heavy footfall never becomes a cause for customer discomfort or unwanted accidents. This is why you must take the proper measures for effective and efficient management of foot traffic. […]

Advantages of Using a Rope Barrier at Your Next Event or Public Gathering


You’re planning an upcoming event and you know for the purpose of queue management and public safety crowd control barriers are a great idea. You’re not sure, however, the best type to choose. To help, let us take you through the advantages of using a classic rope barrier. This is a great option when you […]

5 Benefits Of Queue Management Systems

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear that word “queue” is probably a long line of people standing and waiting for their turn. Queues form everywhere from retail checkout counters to stadium entrances and the goal of the business is to ensure the queue is orderly and efficient. This is where Queue […]

Safe Navigation for Your Business and Customers

From airports and major transportation hubs to retailers and entertainment venues, thousands of people are shuffling through commercial spaces each and every day. This is why it is so important that you’ve taken the proper measures to manage this large volume of foot traffic effectively and efficiently. Don’t get us wrong – large crowds inside […]

Easing The Challenge of Crowd Management

Businesses face challenges every day – big and small – and no doubt crowd management is a common one. Customers are vital to the success of your business and so ensuring a safe and orderly physical space for them is critical. That’s why we at Visiontron are proud to provide simple and cost-effective solutions. There are […]