Advantages of Using a Rope Barrier at Your Next Event or Public Gathering

You’re planning an upcoming event and you know for the purpose of queue management and public safety crowd control barriers are a great idea. You’re not sure, however, the best type to choose. To help, let us take you through the advantages of using a classic rope barrier. This is a great option when you are prioritizing aesthetics and don’t need a heavy duty barrier.

Understanding the rope barrier and its use

Barrier systems using ropes look classy and quite stylish. When used properly, these barriers can make a place look quite luxurious. Some of the common places where you usually see such barriers include hotel lobbies, red-carpet events and other special events or programming. Red carpet ropes are extremely popular for red carpet events, in particular.

One of the best things about barriers made from ropes is the flexibility. Rope barriers are available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes – so you can be sure they will fit in nicely with your setting and other decor. The bases or the posts to which the ropes are attached come in different designs and finishes, as well. When the right combination of post and rope is made, you have yourself a visually appealing crowd control solution for your next event!

Here are some areas where a rope barrier works well:

      Enforcing distance from exhibits in various museums, art galleries, or even exhibitions

      Placing a barricade around VIP areas

      Forming an extended entry way into bars, clubs, theatres, pubs, restaurants, etc.

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Advantages of using rope barriers at events and public gatherings

Now that we have a better understanding of barriers made from ropes and their uses, let us look at the various advantages of choosing such crowd control barriers:

  • Easy to set up and tear down

One of the greatest advantages of having a rope barrier is that it is easy to set up. This crowd-control solution requires a few posts or stanchions and good-quality ropes. All you have to do is place the stanchions or posts along the location where you need the barriers. Then you can fix the ropes to the poles creating the temporary barricade. If required, you can reconfigure your barrier as needed since they are lightweight and easy to move. Once the event or the gathering is over, you can disconnect the ropes from the poles or stanchions easily.

  • Helps make your place look ornate with minimal expense

Weddings, receptions, VIP events, and similar occasions require the venue to look grand and beautiful. One of the best ways to deck up an event space luxuriously with a minimal budget is by using red carpet ropes as barriers. Event management companies face the tough job of making an event space look high-end and lavish within the limited budget provided by the client. Using classic stanchions and velvet ropes can help in enhancing the glamour of the space quickly.

  • Options to match the color scheme and décor of an event

Many events have a particular theme or color scheme. The barriers used in these occasions should be color-coordinated, as well, so that they remain in sync with the overall setting and décor of the venue. Luckily, rope barriers are available in different colors and textures which gives the buyer more flexibility in choosing one that suits the occasion best. Additionally, you get the benefit of choosing from a variety of post styles, as well. This way you don’t end up with traditional-looking stanchions at a contemporary event.

Choosing the right store for purchasing rope barriers, stanchions, and posts for your event

To fully reap the advantages of rope barriers, it is important to purchase from a reputable supplier. At Visiontron, our Classic Ropes are handcrafted per order and include durable Snap Ends in your choice of finish. Feel free to Contact a Pro if you need help customizing a Post+Rope combination for your next event.

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