Post-N-Panel Systems for Rigid Queue Barriers - Top Beam Panel

Top Beam Panels are lightweight yet durable, and very easy to install. Simply fit the panel attachment onto a Single Line Retracta-Belt™ post. The heavy-gauge aluminum frame is uniquely designed to accept a variety of insert materials including acrylic, sintra, and durabond. Four screws at the top of the beam allow you to change the insert without removing the panel from the post, and also prevent customers from tampering with the insert material. Ask us about custom sizes, insert materials or frame finishes.

Top Beam Panel Features

  • The most economical option in our panel line.
  • New Adjustable EZ Off End Blocks come standard: For easy removal and installation.
  • Integrates with existing Single Line Retracta-Beltâ„¢ posts: Can be mounted on posts with portable bases, or for a more permanent option choose from our Mini Socket, Magnetic, Fixed or Removable post bases.
  • Standard tamper-proof design: Secures your insert material.
  • Recommended with our support bungees: Secure the bottom of the panel to the post for added rigidity.
  • Available in four standard sizes: Ask about custom sizes.
  • Printed messages, logos or advertisements: On sintra, acrylic, or durabond.
  • Insert material is replaceable: Change logos, directional messages, advertisements, colors or anything else you want to display.
  • Ask about custom frame finishes: Different metal finishes or hundreds of powdercoated colors.
  • Additional insert materials available: Including misc. metals and additional sintra colors.
  • 10 year warranty

Build your brand or generate ad revenue with custom printing

  • A prominent branding opportunity: Display marketing campaigns, logos or promotions to capture your customers interest while they wait in line.
  • Generate revenue with your queue line: Display co-op advertisements on panel surfaces.
  • Let us personalize your inserts for the best appearance in your facility, and at every price point. Contact us to discuss your options.

Secure your queue line perimeter

  • Visually define customer queue lines
  • Prevent line ducking with a solid structural perimeter
Queue Line Perimeter


Attachment Options

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    EZ Off End Blocks

Mounting Options

(Click below to view the mounting options page)
  • Portable retractable belt post


  • Mini Socket Mount Retracta-Belt

    Mini Socket Mount

  • Magnetic Retractable Belt Stanchions

    Magnetic Mount

  • Fixed Mount Queue Posts


  • Removable Queuing Stanchions


Standard Panel Dimensions( Click on a Model Number to Request a Quote )

Model # Frame Size Insert Size Viewable Area Center to Center
PNLTB4824 48" x 24" 46" x 23" 46" x 22.25" 50.5"
PNLTB4832 48" x 32" 46" x 31" 46" x 30.25" 50.5"
PNLTB7224 72" x 24" 72" x 23" 70" x 22.25" 74.5"
PNLTB7232 72" x 32" 72" x 31" 70" x 30.25" 74.5"
PNLTB9424 94" x 24" 92" x 23" 92" x 22.25" 96.5"
PNLTB9432 94" x 32" 92" x 31" 92" x 30.25" 96.5"