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Mini Socket Mounted Retracta-Belt® Crowd Control Posts

Model 300MS

mini socket retracta-belt posts


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Exclusive to Visiontron: The Mini Socket Mounted Retracta-Belt® stanchion is an easy-to-install way to keep your queue in place with minimal surface impact to your floors. It’s available in most Retracta-Belt® post styles, and can be installed in a wide range of floor materials and depths. Popular in airports and other leased facilities.

The 7/8" diameter socket is installed easily using a core drill and epoxy. When posts are not needed, they simply unscrew and are replaced by the provided socket cap, leaving a flat surface with minimal obstructions and no tripping hazard.

Testimonal from Charles Goedken, Manager of International Operations at the Port of Seattle
"The flexible Mini Socket posts have a much more attractive appearance than portable stanchions, and the saving in space from the base is unparalleled.
The standard portable stanchion has a base that takes up almost a foot, which is space that is often essential in space-constrained areas. Without that base, we can maximize the space we have and provide a smoother experience for our passengers.
The installation was very quick and easy. We were able to replace old fixed railings with Mini Socket posts overnight.
We will continue to replace portable stanchions and fixed railings all around the airport with Mini Socket posts. They have been less expensive than other products and also more reliable."
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Mini Socket Retracta-Belt Features

  • Minimal installation depth: only requires a 2" deep hole versus a 6" deep hole for standard floor sockets, allowing it to accommodate thinner floors where other permanent sockets can’t be installed.
  • Neat installation, clean results: takes approximately 10 minutes to install each socket.
  • Flush-mounted sockets: are more visually appealing on the floor surface when posts are removed than standard sockets.
  • Saves money: on installation labor costs compared to other permanent/ semi-permanent stanchions.
  • Multiple anchor options: accommodate different installation methods, floor depths and materials including terrazzo, tile, wood and cement.
  • Minimal footprint: When posts are removed, the flush-mounted 7/8" diameter socket is more visually appealing on the floor surface than standard sockets.
  • Posts remove easily from the socket: making floor maintenance easy.
  • Internal spring-loaded assembly: allows the post to lean about 10 degrees in any direction, so it absorbs impact from accidental abuse such as carts.
  • Nylon disc: protects end of the post and floor surface from getting damaged due to post movement.
  • Rotates 350 degrees: so you can align your belts and easily change the queue configuration.
  • 10 posts ship together in one box: for a significantly reduced shipping cost.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Patented: Granted Patent Number 9719272

Mini Socket Retracta-Belt Options

  • Customizable: have it your way with logo or message imprinting on the belt or caps and custom colored posts.
  • Receiver post: no belt and internal mechanism for lower cost.
  • Multiple Stanchions Available: including Conventional Posts, and Retracta-Belt 10', 15', 30', Dual Line, and Display Posts.

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