Snap Ends, Hook Ends, Wall Plates and Magnetic Breakaways for Conventional Post and Rope Systems

Conventional Rope accessories


Finishes Available for Snap Ends, Hook Ends, and Wall Plates

Snap End Finishes


Snap End Specialty Finishes


Snap End Brass Finishes


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Snap Ends and Hook Ends for Ropes

Ropes are sold with your choice of Snap or Hook Ends. You can connect our ropes to Conventional Posts or to walls with our Wall Plate. Zinc ends are standard, while solid brass ends are a heavy duty option.

Snap Ends & Hook Ends (Click a Model Number to Request a Quote)

Model # Type
SE Snap Ends
SUB-HDSE Heavy Duty Snap Ends
SUB-HK Hook Ends
SUB-HDHK Heavy Duty Hook Ends

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Wall Plates for Ropes - Model # WP

Wall Plates are available in the same finishes to match the Snap Ends. Wall Plates will accept up to two ropes.

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Magnetic Breakaways for Ropes - Model # MRB

Magnetic breakaways loop onto Snap Ends and are ideal for areas where fire department codes require easily separated ropes for emergency evacuations. Sold in pairs, in three finish options.

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