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Queue-in-a-Box Post & Rope Package

Two posts, one rope, one headaches. Everything you need is in one convenient box. The Queue-in-a-Box includes two conventional posts and one FREE 6' rope. The single innovative package saves over 50% on UPS shipping charges. The posts have a similar high quality tie-rod construction as our other conventional stanchions, with the added ability to ship Knocked-Down. Just because the rope is free, don't think it's subpar. It's made of the same, premium, 1-1/2" diameter rope that you expect from a quality U.S. manufacturer. We offer you this so you don't have to sacrifice quality for price.

Queue-in-a-Box Conventional Post & Rope Features

  • Durable tie-rod construction: full length center rod keeps tension between the post cap and base to ensure they will not loosen and fall apart over time.
  • Heavy construction: components will last for years and are more resistant to denting.
  • FREE 6' velour rope!
  • Molded rubberized floor protector: standard on our 18 lb. cast baseweight
  • No UPS box charge!
  • Easy assembly: no tools required.
  • 1-1/2" diameter tightly woven rope core.
  • Plush red or black velour rope covering.

Conventional Queue Post Options

  • Signage: easy to add. Urn Top will be drilled and tapped for no charge when specified.

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Recommended Add-ons


Posts (x2)

Urn Top
Sloped Base
Height: 37"
Post Diameter: 2"
Base Diameter: 14"
Weight: 25 lbs.


Length: 6' (including snap ends)
Diameter: 1-1/2" woven rope core with plush velour covering

Packages Available

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