Wall Plates for Mountable Retracta-Belts


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Wall Plates for 412 Models

Additional Wall Plates are available for the 412 Series Mountable Retracta-Belt heads. This includes Wall Mount units (Model WM412__) and Warehouse units (Model WH412__). Purchase extra mounting plates so your 412 Series unit can be used in more than one location. Note: Receiving Ends do not include mounting hardware due to the various surface options available.


  • Fixed/Removable Plate: Permanently attach the mounting plate to a wall. The 412 unit can be removed easily or fixed via a screw.
  • Magnet / Clip Plate: Attaches to shelving by a strong magnet and a clip that hooks into holes found in most industrial shelving units.
  • Velcro Plate: Allows for a quick and temporary installation on any column or post.
  • Hose Clamp Plate: Allows for a more secure and permanent installation on any column or post.
  • Recessed Wall Mount (with or without a door): Allows for a concealed look. The stylish satin stainless steel plate hides the Retracta-Belt mechanism in the wall to prevent people from bumping into the unit. Available with a satin stainless steel door for the ultimate concealed look when the unit is not in use. (Note: this option cannot be added to an existing Wall Mount Retracta-Belt, and must be ordered with the unit).

Mounting Plates ( Click on a Model Number to Request a Quote )

Model # Style
WP412 Fixed / Removable Mounting Plate
WP412M Magnet / Clip Wall Plate
WP412V Velcro Wall Plate
WP412HC Hose Clamp Wall Plate
WP412SC Suction Cup Wall Plate

Wall Plate & Bracket for WM6500

The WM6500 requires a wall plate and bracket (Model WM6500) when mounting to a wall. This wall plate allows the head to swivel in any direction so the belt can pull out at any angle. The head is removable from the bracket, so you can purchase additional brackets and transport the wall mount head to additional locations throughout your facility. Constructed from heavy duty aluminum. Note: Receiving Ends do not include mounting hardware due to the various surface options available.

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