Wall Plates for Mountable Retracta-Belt PRIME

Wall Plates for Retracta-Belt PRIME Wall Mounts

Additional Wall Plates are available for the PRIME Series Mountable Retracta-Belt heads. Ask us about custom wall mounting options.

  • Magnetic Mounting Plate: connect to magnetic surfaces such as warehouse racks without drilling holes.
  • Suction Cup Mounting Plate: allows temporary use on glass, ceramic or metal surfaces without drilling holes.
  • Removable Wall Mount Bracket: bracket is permanently mounted to the wall and the WM100 can slide in and out of the bracket as necessary. Allows for one Wall Mount Head to be used in multiple locations inside a facility without purchasing additional units.

PRIME Mounting Plates ( Click on a Model Number to Request a Quote )

Model # Style
SUB-100M Magnetic Wall Plate
SUB-100SC Suction Cup Wall Plate
WP700R-SB Removable Wall Mount Bracket