Impulse Buy Bowl Add-on - Model BOWL12

Increase sales on last minute items with the Impulse Buy Bowl. This simple add-on item can boost sales by placing products in front of your customers while they wait in line. Simply screw the bowl on the top of any existing Retracta-Belt® with the included thumb screw. Increase the impact by adding a sign to provide pricing and other information about the product. Signs are available in 6"x11" and 8.5"x11" models for your own paper sign inserts. The clear plastic bowl is made of polyethylene that is rigid enough to hold shape, yet flexible so it won’t crack with abuse.


  • Increase sales: provide merchandise in front of customers just before check out.
  • Easy add-on: screws to any existing Retracta-Belt® or Sign Post with no extra tools.
  • Durable: clear polyethelyne bowl is flexible so it won't crack with abuse.
  • Easy to add signage: to display information about the product.


  • 12" diameter x 5" deep Polyethelyne Terephthalate (PETE) bowl

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Recommended Add-ons

  • Use a clear acrylic display with sign bracket to display product, promotion or pricing information and secure the bowl. Choose from two sizes