Over the Counter Rotating Signs

Visiontron's rotating signs were originally designed for the airlines to handle the long check-in lines with multiple help desks. Since then we have expanded to car rentals, pharmacies, retail stores, conference centers, casinos, banks... anywhere multiple transactions are customary. Each rotating sign unit holds up to 4 different messages that can be flipped by hand or an extension pole. These rotating signs are ceiling, counter or wall mounted. Built to last from 6063-T5 heavy gauge aluminum. Units rotate on rollers with our exclusive positract indexing mechanisms to assure positive positioning. Stock inserts are silk screened on rigid vinyl for a long lasting non-marring surface. Units can be made to any length or post height. Custom colors are available.

Overhead Rotating Signs ( Click on a Model Number to Request a Quote )

Single Unit
Model #
Double Unit
Model #
Insert Height Insert Width Mounting Bracket Length
Four Position Models
OH4R3-30-1 OH4R3-30-2 3" 30" Specify
OH4R3-33-1 OH4R3-33-2 3" 33" Specify
OH4R3-39-1 OH4R3-39-2 3" 39" Specify
OH4R3-50-1 OH4R3-50-2 3" 50" Specify
OH4R4-30-1 OH4R4-30-2 4" 30" Specify
OH4R4-33-1 OH4R4-33-2 4" 33" Specify
OH4R4-39-1 OH4R4-39-2 4" 39" Specify
OH4R4-50-1 OH4R4-50-2 4" 50" Specify
OH4R6-30-1 OH4R6-30-2 6" 30" Specify
OH4R6-33-1 OH4R6-33-2 6" 33" Specify
OH4R6-39-1 OH4R6-39-2 6" 39" Specify
OH4R6-50-1 OH4R6-50-2 6" 50" Specify

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