Logos - Aluminum Overlays


Logo overlays are made of heavy gauge aluminum with a 1" hook for mounting. These signs can fit over existing Visiontron boards (includes logo boards, gate boards, and A/D Boards). They can also hang on doors or back-walls as well. Great for code sharing and temporary counter or office space.

Aluminum Logo Overlays ( Click on a Model Number to Request a Quote )

Size (W x H) Model #
20" x 4" LSA204
23" x 5" LSA235
24" x 22" LSA2422
29" x 6" LSA296
30" x 22" LSA3022
32" x 32" LSA3232
48" x 15" LSA4815
Specify application; round or square corners.
Straight Lip to fit over doors or Bent Lip to fit over Visiontron Boards.