Electronic LED Display Boards


Color Options

LED Specifications

Character Height: 2"
Number of Characters: 18
Color of L.E.D.: Red
Programming: Wire keypad or PC
Viewing Distance: 50'
Memory Capacity: 8K
Preprogrammed Message: 35
Power: 120v/60Hz
Optional Power: 220v/50Hz
Frame Colors: Black Anodized
Frame Configuration: Square or Round Corners

LED Display Board Features

  • Stand alone or network compatible
  • Easy to program - stores up to 35 pre-programmed messages
  • Messages can scroll, flash or remain stationery
  • Units are available with or without logos

Stand Alone LED Display Boards

  • Wired keypad is built into the boards and is concealed by a sliding insert. Keypad won't get lost and there is no wiring to run
  • Designed for easy repairs of any component: LED display, keypad or power supply.
  • Each L.E.D. stores up to 35 programmed messages.
  • Easily installs with 2 fasteners and plugs into 1 110V outlet per L.E.D. display.


LED Instructions

Electronic Display Board Layouts

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29"w x 19"h

Click Here to Request a Quote for an LED-2SL LED Gate Board

29"w x 25"h

Click Here to Request a Quote for an LED-2R LED Gate Board

29"w x 23"h

Click Here to Request a Quote for an LED-3SL LED Gate Board

29"w x 29"h

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