Crowd Control Stanchions, Barriers and Wall Mounts for the Safety Industry

Crowd Control for Improved Employee and Pedestrian Safety

Effective crowd control products play a critical role in organizing foot traffic for a more safe environment.

With a full range of durable, versatile products geared towards the safety industry, Visiontron provides effective crowd control solutions. Our crowd control safety products can be used during maintenance or repair operations, sidewalk construction, warehouse loading, passenger boarding, and machine guarding.

Our safety products include highly visible, durable products that are quick and easy to set up and use. Safety stanchions and wall mounts from 10' - 65' restrict access, guide foot traffic in warehouses and on work sites, and cordon off machines. Wall mount units are available with multiple mounting options, which provide temporary or permanent access control. Most products are outdoor capable without any additional modifications, or can be weatherproofed upon request.

Improve the safety of employees and visitors, and protect machinery and equipment from damage. Click to view the full range of products offered by Visiontron for the safety industry.

Click here to download the "Retracta-Belt Products for a Safer Work Environment" flyer to see how our products can help solve specific safety issues.

Crowd Control Products Used by the Safety Industry