Manufacturing Crowd Control Products for Airlines and Airports Since 1964

airline crowd control

Visiontron has been providing solutions to the airline and airport industry since 1964. Our main focus has always been to serve airlines and airports with long-lasting, innovative and affordable crowd control equipment and signage.

We've manufactured our Retracta-Belt stanchions in Hauppauge, New York since they were designed in 1992. Exclusive EVERstraight® Technology ensures that our Retracta-Belt stanchions do not lean and fall apart like others.

All of us here at Visiontron constantly strive to provide the best service and products possible. We build our products from the input you have given us over the years including Retracta-Belt upgrades, developing new products like the Post-N-Panel System, and creating a full line of carry-on baggage sizers. Your feedback and requests let us help solve the challenges you face, while staying within your budget and providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process.

Click here to read more about the advantages of working Visiontron. Click Here to see our products in the Jet Blue T5 at JFK terminal, and in Houston Airport Customs and Border area.

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