Baggage Sizer - Open Ended with Scale

Baggage Sizer - Open Ended with Scale

Product Code: BSOESC

Open Ended Baggage Sizer with Scale

Backing: this unit comes with a sintra backing to hold 1 poster facing the cage. Select the acrylic backing if you want to display posters on both sides.

Posters: are priced individually. Select 0 if you want to use your own. 1 is typically added. Select 2 if you want an extra poster, a separate message or if you select the double sided option.

To get the most accurate quote, please speak with Donna: (800)585-7750 x 190
Cage Size
22" W x 14" H x 9" D 24" W x 16" H x 10" D

Ruler Decal
No Yes

Logo Decal
No 1 color 12"x6" Vinyl Logo
Mulicolor 12"x6" Digital Print

Poster Backing
Std. Sintra (for 1 Sided Poster) Acrylic (for 2 Sided Poster)

# of Posters Per Unit
0 (Use my own) 1 (Standard)
2 (Extra or Double Sided)