Visiontron's Environmental Efforts

Visiontron's goal is to produce superior products which address our customers' real-world needs in a clean, modern, energy-efficient plant. The respect we have for our environment extends to all our efforts - here's just a few examples that prove we care:



  • Introduced aluminum into our line of crowd control stanchions which is generally a greener material for the following reasons:
    • Aluminum is much lighter. It lowers shipping costs and overall impact.
    • Aluminum is easier to recycle at the end of the product's life to the average customer.
    • Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome on steel are produced using caustic chemicals. (Our plater meets or exceeds EPA standards.) Polished Aluminum and Satin Aluminum are mechanical finishes, reducing the amount of chemicals and waste used.
  • Introduced the Utility Post featuring a recycled rubber base (recycled base can be added to most other products.)
  • We use recycled corrugated boxes which are further recyclable.
  • Introduced Knocked-Down shipping: uses half the shipping material, ships much more efficiently, and the box can be reused to save storage space.
  • We offer units with longer belts so you can use less posts to cover the same area.
  • We make sure our painters, platers and anodizers meet or exceed current EPA standards.


  • Installed a 50 kW Solar Panel System. It will satisfy over half of our annual power demand.
  • Replaced the shop heating unit with 4 smaller efficient units, lowering our BTUs by 33%.
  • Replaced the office heating/air conditioning unit with 4 smaller efficient units, lowering our BTUs by 50%.
  • Added tinted thermoclear windows over shop windows for superior thermal efficiency.
  • We use Electric Forklifts which are more environmentally friendly than propane powered units. They are now being charged by the sun!
  • Replaced old factory fluorescent lights to energy efficient T5 lightning with motion sensors.
  • All office lights have been replaced with low-powered ballasts with fewer bulbs per fixture.


  • Printed catalogs get outdated very quickly and you need to print enormous amounts to be cost effective (which most end up being thrown out any way.) We haven't printed a major catalog since 2001. Instead we rely on our website and individual flyers.
  • We use scrap paper for most in-house paperwork (and get yelled at for using clean paper!)
  • General recycling is not available in our town. Our employees started our own recycling plan for plastic, glass, paper and batteries. Our employees take the extra step and bring home the recycled content themselves.
  • There is a separate dumpster for cardboard recycling.
  • We pay recyclers to take scrap wood products (skids, lumber, packing material, etc.) which gets recycled as landscaping mulch.
  • We reuse crates and cardboard packaging material we receive from vendors for other deliveries and in-house stocking of materials.
  • We reuse old clothes as rags for the shop and art department.
  • Employees bring in newspapers to be reused for packing products.
  • We keep the building at a moderate but comfortable temperature. Employees wear heavier or lighter clothing during the different seasons.
  • We purchase energy efficient computers and peripherals.